What is Pickleball? A Comprehensive Guide to Pickleball

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the USA, implying a surge in the popularity of this game. But since many people are unaware of this sport, they often ask, “what is pickleball game?”

Pickleball is a paddling game played with a wiffleball (baseball-sized) in a net at a court similar to the badminton arena. With over 3.3 million players, pickleball is one of the most-loved sports in the US. 

What is Pickleball, and How Do You Play It

If you want to know further “what is pickleball and how do you play it,” proceed with this article. In the following context, we shall brief you on everything about pickleball.

What is Pickleball Game, and Why is it Called So?

Contrary to other sports, the name of this one sounds quite peculiar, doesn’t it? To understand why this game is called pickleball, it is first crucial to understand its origin. 

How did the Pickleball Game Originate?

The game was invented by three men in 1965. They made it for their children who were bored of conventional sports. Since the game was a mesh of “ping-pong,” “badminton,” and “tennis,” it was called “Pickleball.” Another theory suggests that the name was driven by the name of the inventor’s dog, “Pickles.” 

Is Pickleball Easy to Play?

As stated earlier, pickleball is a paddleboard game formed by combining three sports. The game is easier to play, as its rules are straightforward. Unlike tennis, not much movement is required to play pickleball. These characteristics make it a low-impact game, ideal for everyone of any age. 

Is Pickleball Popular?

Earlier, pickleball was popular among retired people. But over the past decade, the pickleball game’s popularity has risen among the younger generation. But outside America, the game is not highly popular, and such unfamiliar people often search “what is pickleball and how do you play it” on the Internet. 

Since the game originated in the US, that is why it is reasonable for it not to be so trendy in other countries. However, owing to this sport’s growth in the past years, people are now curious, and the sport is gaining global recognition. 

What is Pickleball Game, and Why is it Called So

What is Pickleball Court Size?

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding the pickleball game is “what is pickleball court size?” and “is it similar to a badminton court?” You already know that pickleball is a sport formed by combining certain aspects of ping-pong, badminton, and tennis. 

Therefore, it is viable for this game to have gameplay similarities with these mentioned ones. The size of the pickleball court is around 44 feet long and 20 feet wide (including the lining). The tennis court is conventionally 76 feet in length and 36 -feet in width. Therefore, a Pickleball court is 3.19 times smaller than a tennis court. 

But since the game is quite trendy and the number of pickleball courts is few, many tennis courts are now used for this game. Depending upon the court’s dimensions, the pickleball rules can be adjusted accordingly. 

What is Pickleball Court Size

What Size is Pickleball Net?

If you wonder what size is pickleball net, let us clear up your confusion. Like the court, the Pickleball net size is also smaller than the tennis.’ The net is typically 22 inches wide and has a height of around 36 inches from the corners. 

But if the players play pickleball on a tennis court, the net size will be according to the court size. However, if pickleball is played on a badminton court, then the size of the net will remain the same. This is because the size of the badminton court corresponds to the pickleball arena. 

What Size is Pickleball Net

What is the Pickleball Ball?

The ball for a pickleball game is much different than used in its similar or parent sports. That is why people familiar with pickleball also ask, “what is pickleball ball?”

The ball for this sport is also known as “wiffleball” and has hard-plastic construction. Unlike tennis, where players serve the hard-stuffed ball during the game, pickleball employs a hollow plastic ball. 

Besides being hollow, the wiffleball also has perforations. These perforations are crucial for providing the necessary swing to the players for serving the ball. Without the perforations, the ball will move straight in the air because it is hollow. 

What is the Pickleball Ball?

How do you Play Pickleball Game?

Since it is a mesh of three different games, people often consider pickleball challenging to understand. But pickleball is even simpler than its parent sports, as its rules are straightforward and uncomplicated. 

Conventionally, two to four players participate in professional pickleball leagues. If it is a 2-player game, both will serve at opposite ends. But if the game consists of four players, then two will be on either side, opposing the other pair. 

The players diagonally pass the ball to their opponent on the opposite side with an underhand motion. The play continues until the players on both sides serve the ball back and forth per the game’s regulations. 

If one fails to pass the ball or violates a rule, the opposite player will gain a point. Ultimately, the player or team with higher points will win the pickleball match. But the game can get drawn when both teams have equal points on the scoreboard. 

What is Pickleball Rules?

While scrutinizing different features of pickleball, it is also viable to discuss “what is pickleball rules?” Like any other sport, pickleball also has a few rules that determine the outline of the game. 

Only that player or team wins the pickleball match, which follows the rules of this game aptly. The regulations for the pickleball game are similar to the badminton game. But depending on needs, these rules also have a few modifications. 

The following points can help you analyze a few crucial aspects of pickleball rules. However, if you want a detailed guide on pickleball rules, you can check our elaborative article on this topic. 

What is Pickleball Rules?

What is Pickleball Stacking? 

Pickleball stacking is one of the Pickleball rules which often confuses the audience. Like other sports, stacking implies the tactic where the players line up as a defending act. Pickleball stacking only applies when the number of players is four or more.

What is Pickleball Dinking?

Getting it confused with the drop shot, people new to the game also ask, “what is pickleball dinking?” Contrary to the drop shot, the dinking includes serving the ball from the kitchen-line area. A drop shot is severed from the baseline of the net. In contrast, the dinking is shot from the non-volley part.


What is pickleball UK?

Owing to its convenience, the pickleball game is also famous in the UK. Different clubs provide pickleball membership which you can subscribe to get better at this sport. However, there is no significant difference between the US and the UK pickleball because the rules are similar.

Is pickleball as intense as tennis?

No, pickleball is not as rigid and intense as badminton and tennis. It is because one does not have to move around much like in other games. Since it is milder than tennis, the chances for injuries are also less in pickleball. Pickleball is ideal for beginners who want to become a professional in similar sports.

What equipment do I need to play Pickleball?

To play Pickleball, you’ll need a paddle, a Pickleball, and a net. The paddle is similar to a large ping-pong paddle, and the ball resembles a wiffle ball but slightly larger. Most courts are similar in size to a badminton court.

Final Verdict

Pickleball is a very convenient sport with minimal and easy-to-understand rules. The game can get exciting as it feels new and different from conventional sports. Owing to its versatility, the game is also now being played on a professional level.

We hope this article has cleared all your confusion regarding “what is pickleball.” If you want to know more comprehensively about this game and its rules, you can check our website. We have intensely scrutinized every aspect of the pickleball game, so our readers can know more about this trendy sport. 

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