Best Rated Pickleball Shoes-From Beginners To Professional Picks

Irritating, pinching, or less supportive shoes not only kill your feet but also adversely affect your pickleball game. A pair of the best top-rated pickleball shoes can make all the difference and provide players with the traction, support, and comfort needed to elevate their game. 

As pickleball gains widespread popularity, manufacturers have started coming up with innovative designs and technologies to meet the unique demands of pickleball courts.

When venturing into pickleball shoes, several key features must be considered. Traction to ensure players can easily play on the court with confidence.

Best Rated Pickleball Shoes

Support and stability, particularly around the ankle, to prevent injuries during lateral movement. durability, breathability, weight, and cushioning are some checklist parameters for the ideal pickleball footwear. So, whether you’re a seasoned player or just stepping onto the pickleball court, the right pair of shoes can be the game-changer you’ve been searching for.

List Of Best Top-Rated Pickleball Shoes 2024


Skechers Viper Court Pickleball Shoes – Overall Best

Skechers Viper Court Pickleball Shoes are famous for their blending style, comfort, and performance on both indoor and outdoor courts. As a brand synonymous with athletic footwear innovation, Skechers brings its expertise to the pickleball court with the Viper Court model. The boasting durable rubber outsole and a multidirectional tread pattern are what make these shoes provide exceptional traction for confident lateral movements on the court. The design is specifically tailored for pickleball. It supports lateral motions and ensures stability and balance with significant midfoot support.

I like Viper Court Skechers’ renowned cushioning technology, a memory foam insole that molds to the foot’s shape which offers a personalized and comfortable fit. Weighing on the lighter side, these shoes prioritize agility which makes them ideal for players who value nimbleness and responsiveness. 

Additionally, the breathable materials in the shoes facilitate airflow and keep the feet cool during intense matches that do not let you sweat in heat. While the Viper Court excels in various aspects, it’s crucial to note its slightly narrow fit, which may impact those with wider feet.

Overall, these shoes are not only best-rated pickleball shoes but also multipurpose footwear to meet your walking, exercising, volleyball, tennis, and other athletic needs.

  • Excellent grip on both indoor and outdoor courts.
  • Highly durable outsole. 
  • Provides arch support.
  • Incredible traction and grip. 
  • Breathable and lightweight design. 
  • Slightly narrower fit.


Wilson Rush Pro Ace Pickler – Best Pickleball Shoes For Comfort And Support

The WILSON Men’s Rush Pro Ace Pickler Sneaker has become my top pick for its cushioned sole, superior stability, and traction for superior support. These shoes are best designed for pickleball’s lateral demands, which not only support your foot but also prioritize crucial ankle stability during quick directional changes. Wilson’s responsive cushioning technology provides a comfortable shock-absorbent experience.

The midsole not only cushions impacts but also makes sure you have excellent energy return. It also combats fatigue during extended play. 

If you have wider feet, these shoes are great for accommodating agile movements on the court. However, for the perfect pickleball footwear, the WILSON Men’s Rush Pro Ace Pickler Sneaker stands as a reliable and stylish choice and functions for an overall playing experience.


  • Premium traction. 
  • Comfortable footwear. 
  • Lightweight and breathable design. 
  • High-quality material. 
  • Good fit. 
  • Very supportive. 
  • Not for wider feet.
  • Slightly less durable. 


K-Swiss Express Light Pickleball Shoes – Best Pickleball Shoes For Ortholite Support

K-Swiss brings innovation to the forefront with the Express Light Pickleball Shoes. As someone seriously interested in the game, these shoes will become your go-to for their exceptional features. True to their name, they incorporate a lightweight design and boost speed and agility on the court. The durable rubber outsole ensures reliable traction and grants stability during lateral movements and quick directional changes.

I felt comfort, the cushioned midsole absorbs impact, reduces fatigue during extended play, and caters to players of varying skill levels. The breathable upper enhances ventilation and is a game-changer during intense matches and warmer conditions. 

I like these shoes for their supportive design, especially around the toe area, which adds a layer of stability and durability which is perfect for the demanding nature of pickleball. In the light of performance footwear, the Express Light Pickleball Shoes will stand as your trusted companion, seamlessly blending speed, comfort, and durability.

  • Extremely lightweight design. 
  • Incredible traction and grip. 
  • An ample amount of cushioning.
  • High-quality design and material.
  • Comfortable and stable. 
  • Great for outdoor courts.
  • Slightly less durable.
  • Less ankle support.


FitVille Wide and Extra Pickleball Shoes – Best Pickleball Shoes For Wide Feet


FitVille’s Wide and Extra Wide Pickleball Shoes have become the top-rated best pickleball shoes for their unique blend of comfort and performance. Tailored for players with broader feet, these shoes prioritize an optimal fit without compromising on-court excellence. The specifically designed wider structure makes sure players have unrestricted movement and allows them to navigate the court with freedom and without discomfort. The durability of the rubber outsole is a standout feature that provides stability on pickleball courts.

The cushioned insole is a welcome addition that improves overall comfort absorbs impact during extended play and reduces strain on joints and combating fatigue effectively.

It comes with a breathable upper which ensures proper ventilation and keeps your feet cool and dry even during the most intense matches or warmer playing conditions.

FitVille’s commitment to comfort and performance shines through and makes these Wide and Extra Wide Pickleball Shoes a vital asset for players seeking both an optimal fit and higher on-court performance.

  • Breathable design. 
  • Provides stability and support. 
  • Good cushioning. 
  • Shock absorbing. 
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Arch support. 
  • It could be too wide for some players.
  • Size considerations. 


K-Swiss Pickleball Supreme Shoes – Best Pickleball Shoes For Plantar Support

K-Swiss Pickleball Supreme Shoes are a promising fusion of comfort, style, and performance on the court. They have a robust rubber outsole with a herringbone tread pattern, which provides exceptional traction and instills confidence during lateral movements and swift directional changes. The plush cushioning incorporated into the midsole offers a level of comfort that absorbs impact and provides an energizing return which guarantees a sharp and focused stay even during prolonged play sessions.

Those who suffer from plantar fascism can use these shoes for comfort and support during the game. 

Also, apart from high performers, the Pickleball Supreme Shoes have a sleek and stylish design with a supportive structure around the ankle and midfoot. If you are a serious player, going through orthopedic issues, these shoes may help you have heel-to-toe support, comfort, and a high level of cushioning. 

  • Exceptional traction.
  • Arch support. 
  • Comfortable and stylish design.
  • Supportive. 
  • Breathable and lightweight.
  • Slightly less durable. 


ASICS GEL-Rocket 10 Pickleball Shoes – Best Lightweight Pickleball Shoes For Breathability

The ASICS Women’s Gel-Rocket 10 is also one of the top-rated footwear with a wonderful blending of style, comfort, and performance. The standout features of these shoes are the Gel cushioning technology and breathability in shock absorption during dynamic movements. It provides stability in the midfoot area and supports you during lateral movements which is crucial for those quick changes in direction in pickleball.

The durable rubber outsole with a gum sole provides the reliable traction you need on the court. The multidirectional tread pattern instills confidence in every step and gives you a sense of control. Gel-Rocket 10 will keep your feet cool and comfortable which is especially needed during intense matches or in warmer playing conditions. 

I liked these shoes because of their lighter feel and breathable properties that absorbed my sweat in harsh weather. These shoes are best to cater to your preference for agility without compromising durability. The lightweight design empowers graceful and quick movements and makes the Gel-Rocket a go-to choice for players seeking optimal comfort, moisture absorption, and stylish pickleball experience.

  • Breathable design. 
  • Exceptional shock absorption. 
  • Provides stability.
  • Reliable traction. 
  • Comfortable shoes. 
  • Great for indoor and outdoor courts.
  • Slightly narrower design. 


ACACIA Unisex Adult – Best Pickleball Shoes For Comfort

What if I tell you a budget-friendly pair of shoes that can provide you comfort, support, breathability, and high performance on the court? Yes, ACACIA Unisex Adult Pickleball shoes provide you with all these features for higher stability and efficiency. These shoes are made with an all-surface outsole, the shoes provide exceptional traction ensure stability across various court surfaces, and boost your confidence during intense matches.

The lightweight design of the ACACIA shoes optimizes agility without compromising durability. It’s a perfect match for players like me who prioritize swift and agile movements during gameplay.

The breathable upper material keeps your feet cool and dry. This is a vital feature during extended play sessions or in warmer conditions. ACACIA’s thoughtful design of a cushioned insole enhances overall comfort, reduces fatigue, and ensures a personalized fit that adapts to your movements.

Beyond functionality, ACACIA adds a touch of style with a range of color options and allows you to personalize your look on the court. ACACIA’s Unisex-Adult Pickleball Shoes stand out as a reliable and stylish choice that polishes your playing experience with every step.

  • Lightweight design.
  • Breathable.
  • Very comfortable. 
  • Stylish design. 
  • Affordable. 
  • Provides stability and support.
  • Can be rigid at first. 
  • Slightly less durable.

Best-Rated Pickleball ShoesFeaturesCourt surface typeWho can wear it
Skechers viper court Provides arch support, stability, and comfort, breathable and lightweight designBoth indoor and outdoor courtsAvailable for men
Wilson rush pro ace picklerPremium traction, comfortable, supportive, and stable footwear with a breathable design For indoor courtsAvailable for both men and women 
K-Swiss express lightExtremely lightweight and comfortable footwear with good support and tractionFor outdoor courtsAvailable for both men and women
FitVille wide and extra Breathable and lightweight design with a good amount of cushioning and arch support For various court surfacesAvailable for men
K-Swiss supremeArch support, with ample cushioning, provides incredible traction and support For various court surfacesAvailable for women 
ASICS Gel-Rocket 10Exceptional shock absorption, reliable traction, and good grip, comfortable footwear with support and stability For indoor and outdoor courtsAvailable for both men and women 
ACACIA unisex-adult Breathable and comfortable wear with good cushioning and support Fort indoor and outdoor courtsUnisex

What Should You Look For Before Buying Pickleball Shoes?

Choosing the right best-rated pickleball shoes is essential for a comfortable and effective playing experience. Here are some simple things to consider before you buy pickleball shoes:

Court Surface Compatibility:

Pickleball is played on various surfaces, including indoor and outdoor courts. Ensure the shoes suit the type of court you’ll be playing on.

Non-Marking Soles:

Pickleball shoes should have non-marking soles to avoid scuffing or damaging the court. This is a common requirement for most indoor pickleball facilities.

Traction and Grip:

Look for shoes with good traction and grip. This helps with quick movements, and stability, and prevents slipping on the court.

Support and Stability:

Pickleball involves lateral movements, so choose shoes that provide good support around the ankles and stability to prevent injuries.

Cushioning and Comfort:

Opt for shoes with sufficient cushioning for comfort during long matches. A comfortable insole can reduce impact on your feet and joints.


Pickleball can be active, and your feet may get sweaty. Shoes with breathable materials help keep your feet cool and dry.

Weight of the Shoes:

Lighter shoes are often preferred for pickleball as they allow for quicker movements and agility on the court.

Size and Fit:

Ensure the shoes fit well and provide enough room for your toes. A proper fit prevents discomfort and blisters during play.


Pickleball shoes should be durable enough to withstand regular use. Look for quality materials and construction.

Budget Consideration:

Set a budget based on your needs. Pickleball shoes are available in various price ranges, so find a balance between quality and affordability.

By considering these factors, you can find pickleball shoes that match your playing style, court conditions, and personal preferences, enhancing your overall pickleball experience.


What makes a pickleball shoe the best-rated?

The best-rated pickleball shoes are liked by many players because they fit well, are comfortable, and work great on different court surfaces. They often have good support, traction, and durability.

Which brands are known for the best pickleball shoes?

Some popular brands for highly rated pickleball shoes include ASICS, K-Swiss, Skechers, Wilson, and ACACIA. These brands are known for making shoes that players find comfortable and effective.

How do I choose the right pickleball shoes for me?

To find the right pickleball shoes, consider factors like your court type, shoe comfort, grip, and budget. Look at reviews from other players to see which shoes are well-liked and suit your playing style.


To find the best-rated pickleball shoes, look for ones that fit well, work on your type of court, and have features like good grip, support, and comfort. Players often rate brands like ASICS, K-Swiss, Skechers, Wilson, and ACACIA. Read reviews and consider factors like durability and your budget. The right shoes should help you play comfortably, move easily, and stay stable on the court. Remember to pick ones that suit your style and needs for a great pickleball experience!

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