Best Nike Shoes For Pickleball (Men & Women) -Professionals Choice Nike

Nike did not have specialized pickleball previously but now they are manufacturing all-in-all pickleball shoes. Pickleball players are familiar with Nike. Many Nike tennis and sneaker shoes have features that are in pickleball shoes. So, we tested over 20 Nike shoes and found some suitable for pickleball.

We have no reason to keep it from you, so here they are! While testing, we made a list of men’s and women’s best Nike shoes for pickleball. The Nike Court Lite 2 is the best in terms of pickleball. It has suitable arch support and cushioning to enhance agility for lateral movements.

Best Nike Shoes For Pickleball (Men & Women)-Professionals Choice

Also, there’s a buying guide for pickleball shoes, and we added how Nike technologies help pickleball players. Read it to find out what type of Nike shoe is best as a pickleball shoe. Let’s get into the reviews first. 

Comparison Of Top 7 Best Nike Shoes





  • Top Pick
Nike Court Lite 2 - Best Nike Pickleball Shoe For Professionals

Nike Court Lite 2

  • Shoe Type: Tennis Shoe
  • Men/Women: Both
  • Best For: Professionals pick
  • Top Pick
NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro - Best Nike Pickleball Shoe For Durability

NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro

  • Shoe Type: Gymnastic shoe sneaker
  • Men/Women: Men
  • Best For: Durability
  • Top Pick
Nike Court Zoom Lite 3 - Best Nike Pickleball Shoe For Men

Nike Court Zoom Lite 3

  • Shoe Type: Tennis Shoe
  • Men/Women: Men
  • Best For: All-rounder men pick
NIKE Women's Tennis Shoes - Best Nike Pickleball Shoe For Women

Nike Women’s Tennis Shoes

  • Shoe Type: Sneaker
  • Men/Women: Women
  • Best For: All-rounder pick women pick
Nike Court Vision Low Sneaker - Best Nike Pickleball Shoe For Breathability

Nike Court Vision Low

  • Shoe Type: Sneaker
  • Men/Women: Both
  • Best For: Breathability
Nike Air Monarch IV - Best Nike Pickleball Shoe For Flat Feet

Nike Air Monarch IV

  • Shoe Type: Training shoes
  • Men/Women: Both
  • Best For: Flat-feet pick
Nike Flex Control Cross Trainer - Best Nike Pickleball Shoe For Budget-Friendly Pick

Nike Flex Control

  • Shoe Type: Cross Trainer
  • Men/Women: Men
  • Best For: Budget-friendly pick

Top 7 Best Nike Shoes Reviews In 2024


Nike Court Lite 2 – Best Nike Pickleball Shoe For Professionals

When it comes to high-quality Nike shoes for pickleball for both men and women, it’s the Nike Court Lite 2. The shoe comes with well-placed padding, including a soft collar and tongue. We liked how comfortable they felt on the court and ensured ease of movement. To enhance agility and responsiveness, it features a foam midsole. Furthermore, the rubber sole provides suitable traction in both indoor and outdoor pickleball courts.

Its grip is amazing as the outsole pattern is tailored for tennis lateral moves similar to pickleball ones. Most Nike shoes come with a low-top design, and this makes them good for high arches as well. However, these might not be the ideal choice if you have normal or flat feet. For flat feet, we recommend the Nike Air Monarch IV. Beyond its functional aspects, the Nike Court Lite 2 boasts an impressive design that doesn’t sacrifice style for performance. They feature a timeless design but a limited selection of two colors.

Durability isn’t a strong suit of these, which is surprising as they are made from a high-quality blend of synthetic and leather materials. We found that these lasted six months in indoor pickleball courts and only three months of intense outdoor play.

Aside from that, the ankle support makes side-to-side movements easier. For individuals seeking arch support, the removable insole offers the flexibility to incorporate arch support inserts. 

  • Good arch support.
  • Enhances agility for lateral moves.
  • Responsive midsole.
  •  Removable insoles.
  • Limited durability for outdoors.
  • Expensive and lacks color options.


NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro – Best Nike Pickleball Shoe For Durability

When it comes to durability, the NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro tennis shoe is the best. Nike has improved the previous version of tennis and used the Zoom Air Unit for durability and comfort. The sock liner can be taken out and washed for clean, healthy footwear. This feature also helps keep your feet cool and dry. Another good thing about these shoes is how well they grip the court. The outsole rubber and unique patterns resemble the Nike Court Lite 2.

This pattern was made using smart technology and data, so it helps you grip the court without slipping. But in terms of traction, these aren’t as good as Nike Court Lite 2. The upper is made to be durable as well as breathable. It’s constructed from a light Engineered mesh material that wraps around your foot like a glove. They tie up a bit differently, which helps your feet feel snug and supported. We felt stability throughout pickleball matches thanks to heat-sealed reinforcements and a TPU midfoot cage. 

These features work wonders for stability, but TPU may require some time to break into. Give them some time, and they’ll feel comfy.

  • Breathable upper.
  • Supportive fit.
  • Stable TPU midfoot cage.
  • Durable performance. 
  • Limited traction. 
  • Takes time to break into.


Nike Court Zoom Lite 3 – Best Nike Pickleball Shoe For Men

At first look, the Nike Court Zoom Lite 3 is a tennis shoe, but if you look closely, you’ll see it’s great for men who play pickleball. One of the best things about it is that it’s made from leather which makes it both flexible and sturdy. It moves well with your foot and can handle intense pickleball matches. Aside from sturdiness, special mesh in the vamp enhances ventilation and keeps feet cool.

As these are from the Nike Zoom collection, they come with a Zoom Air Unit you get both dynamic responsiveness and plush bounce with each step. Furthermore, these shoes have soft padding around your foot that fits snugly. The outsole provides a good grip on both indoor and outdoor pickleball courts. We felt in control, whether it was swift lunges or sprints across the court. But while playing outdoors, we saw more wear and tear as compared to indoors. Therefore, if you need them to last, just use them for indoor pickleball matches. 

However, there are some considerations to think about. A few people have mentioned that the shoe might not last as long as they hoped. Even though it’s both flexible and strong, a small group of people found it a bit less durable over time. Also, keep in mind that the NikeCourt Zoom Lite 3 is best for indoor pickleball games. It might not work as well outside on different surfaces.

  • Responsive cushioning.
  • High-quality performance indoors. 
  • Soft padding.
  • Snug fit.
  • Limited outdoor performance.
  • Limited durability. 


NIKE Women’s Tennis Shoes – Best Nike Pickleball Shoe For Women

For women, we recommend the Nike Court Royale sneaker serves best.  Firstly, let’s talk about its design; the low-top design is perfect for relieving ankle pain. This lets you move quickly on the court and stay steady when you turn or move from side to side. Secondly, it’s made from Synthetic leather, which is surprisingly durable and made to last. We could tell the shoes were made to handle many court movements during our testing.

As women, it’s appreciable to see soft padding around the ankle and tongue for comfort. It covers most parts of your foot, keeping you safe without compromising plushness. You also get extra support so you can stay steady during intense games. Just like Zoom Lite 3, these require some time to break into as they are too stiff. Unlike other Nike shoes, this one’s from the Court Royale series. So, instead of a rubber sole, it comes with a dynamic and resilient rubber Cupsole. 

We liked it because it helped us move comfortably and stay balanced on the court. Lastly, the look is aesthetically pleasing for people who love timeless class shoes. But the sizing runs narrow, which isn’t a problem for most women unless you have wide feet.

  • Enhances agility. 
  • Timeless design. 
  • Cushioned Collar and Tongue.
  • Dynamic and Resilient Rubber Cupsole.
  • Sizing runs narrow. 
  • Requires break-in period.


Nike Court Vision Low Sneaker – Best Nike Pickleball Shoe For Breathability

To get a breezy experience, try the Nike Court Vision Low Sneaker which is for both men and women. There are little holes on the front and sides of the sneaker that let in fresh air. So, when you’re playing pickleball hard, your feet won’t get all sweaty and uncomfortable. Unlike the Court Royale Sneaker, this one is lighter. You get to move quickly and be agile on the court.

We tried these out as they look like old-school tennis shoes from the ’80s, but they performed well for pickleball. The combination of leather upper and strategically positioned mesh panels gives what a player needs: durability and breathability. But it’s not washable, so the durability aspect is somewhat limited. You need to be careful and clean them by hand or small brush. Furthermore, the low-cut collar is padded to provide comfort during fast lateral movements. feels cozy. 

When you play, whether you’re hitting the ball or serving, it feels awesome on your feet. That is if you find a suitable fitting, which is hard as they tend to run larger than regular sizes. Ensure you buy it from trusted sellers and avoid getting fakes or not-so-good versions. Lastly, its outsole is made of rubber and allows movements like spin, slide, and lunges.

  • Ventilated design. 
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Ideal support.
  • Good grip on the court. 
  • Not washable.
  • Not that durable. 


Nike Air Monarch IV – Best Nike Pickleball Shoe For Flat Feet

As we’ve covered both regular feet and high-arched Nike shoes, we didn’t want to exclude flat feet and pickleball players. After various tests, we found that if you’re an avid pickleball player, the Nike Air Monarch IV is best for avid flat-fitted pickleball players. They’re made with great care, with features like arch-hugging low-top shafts. Therefore, players get amazing arch support unless they have high arches.

In addition to that, the high-quality leather is durable and made to last in outdoor and indoor areas. We found out that these also cater to pickleball players with wide feet. Also, the bottom part of the shoe has lightweight foam as a special cushion. Nike has added a “full-length Air-Sole unit”, ensuring you get amazing shock absorption

When it comes to traction, the grip of the rubber outsole is strong regardless of the surface. You will not feel much slipping or sliding through intense pickleball rallies. There’s just a little problem: sometimes, when you move your feet, the shoes might make a quiet noise. But this issue isn’t a big deal because it goes away after you wear the shoes for a while, and they adjust to how you move. 

Lastly, the Nike Air Monarch IV shoes are versatile and come in many styles and colors. This means you can choose the ones that match your style for everyday activities apart from pickleball. 

  • Affordable pick. 
  • Remarkably durable. 
  • Exceptional traction.
  • Fits wide feet pickleball players.
  • Noisy.
  • Not for high arches. 


Nike Flex Control Cross Trainer – Best Nike Pickleball Shoe For Budget-Friendly Pick

Being on a budget is no issue; just try the Nike Flex Control Cross Trainer. Even at an affordable price, it stands out with its sleek low-top shaft. We found optimal ankle mobility and the freedom to move while wearing these. This design is particularly advantageous for pickleball players seeking agility and swift transitions. While the shoe’s elongated structure might catch attention, the support is worth it.

Plus, the shoe’s upper is of mesh for featherlight breathability. This makes sure your feet stay comfortable and not get too sweaty. It feels robust in both the midfoot and heel area which provides good support. We played pickleball for a long time without getting tired or sore. When you need to move quickly from side to side, the segmented rubber outrigger on the forefoot sole keeps you steady. It’s like having good balance so you won’t slip or twist easily. What makes the Nike Flex Control special is its unique Nike Flex sole. 

This feature with rubber sole lets your feet move naturally, so you can do well in pickleball. While the shoe fits well for most people, those with wider feet might need to look at other options for a better fit.

  • Optimal ankle mobility. 
  • Robust midfoot and heel support.
  • Unique Nike Flex sole. 
  • Budget-friendly.
  • The elongated structure might not be appealing to all.
  • Not for wide feet. 

Buying Guide Before You Choose the Best Nike Shoes For Pickleball

What makes Nike Pickleball Footwear stand out?

Nike is known for making top-tier athletic footwear. They use new and smart technologies to make comfortable shoes and help players improve easily. During testing, we found some similar technologies that Nike has used. Let’s get into it and see how they make pickleball better.

Zoom Air Cushioning: Elevating Agility and Response

Technology Overview: Zoom Air is a cushioning technology that utilizes pressurized air units within the midsole to provide responsive and lightweight cushioning. When you jump or run, the air inside the shoes pushes back and makes you feel light and quick.

Why it’s good for pickleball: In pickleball, quick lateral movements, sudden stops, and explosive starts are essential. Zoom Air cushioning enhances agility by providing responsive cushioning that aids in swift direction changes and rapid pivots. This technology ensures that players can maneuver swiftly and comfortably without sacrificing stability.

Herringbone Traction Pattern: Supreme Grip and Control

Technology Overview: This isn’t specifically Nike’s technology, but it’s a feature that provides grip. This specialized outsole design has a pattern that looks like fish bones. This pattern helps you grip the ground well and not slip.

Why it’s good for pickleball: Both indoor and outdoor Pickleball courts need shoes that grip well. This pattern makes sure you don’t slip when you move suddenly. Players get exceptional grip during lateral movements, lunges, and sudden changes in direction.

Mesh Upper: Optimal Breathability and Comfort

Technology Overview: Mesh is a lightweight and breathable fabric used in the upper part of the shoe. Like the Herringbone pattern, this is found in many other shoes besides Nike. You can look forward to breathability if you see a porous structure on a shoe upper.  

Why it’s good for pickleball: It can be intense as teams and feet tend to get sweaty. Mesh makes sure your feet stay cool and comfortable. You can focus on the game and not worry about your feet feeling uncomfortable.

TPU Midfoot Cage: Enhancing Stability and Durability

Technology Overview: The TPU midfoot cage uses a thermoplastic polyurethane structure that wraps around the midfoot area of the shoe. It keeps your feet steady and helps the shoes last longer.

Why it’s good for pickleball: When you play pickleball, you need to move sideways very fast. This plastic part makes sure your feet don’t twist too much. It also makes sure your shoes don’t get damaged easily.

Arch Support Design: Catering to Specific Foot Types

Technology Overview: Arch support design involves creating specific insoles and structures within the shoe’s midsole to provide targeted support. Nike has something for different arch types, such as high arches, normal arches, and flat feet.

Why it’s good for pickleball: Different people have different feet, and some need more support, whereas others need less. Nike arch support ensures everyone’s feet feel good and reduces the chances of injury.

Rubber Cup Sole: Balancing Support and Flexibility

Technology Overview: The rubber cup sole is a special Nike shoe design with rubber covering the front and back parts of the sole. Although it makes the shoe tough, it doesn’t compromise flexibility.  

Mesh Upper Optimal Breathability and Comfort

Why it’s good for pickleball: The rubber cup sole makes the shoe steady and helps you balance. This is important because pickleball needs fast side-to-side moves and quick stops. Also, the rubber cup sole can bend, so you can move easily and make tricky moves without feeling stuck.

Key Factors To Consider In Pickleball Shoes

There are many things to consider when buying sports shoes, like pickleball shoes. You need to look at other things, such as how well they grip the ground, how comfortable they are, and how they’re made. This guide will help beginners as well as professionals, so let’s get into it:

Construction material and overlay

What makes a pickleball shoe best? Just look at the outsole, midsole, and insole. You need a rubber outsole with a grippy pattern, supportive midsole, and well-padded insole. The outsole determines traction, so it’s essential. The construction material is also important, we recommend leather material with a mesh upper for the best performance. 


You move sideways in pickleball, so having enough padding is important. Look for shoes with plush middle parts and a way to soak up shocks well. Stuff like EVA foam, gel padding, or air cushioning tech are good choices for making your feet comfy and well-supported while you play.


Fitting of the shoe

Finding the right size is super important to avoid soreness and toe pain. Make sure the shoes hold your heel in place without being too tight. Also, check the width options and see if the front of the shoe is too stiff. If you can, try the shoes on before buying to ensure they fit well.

Weight and Breathability

Most pickleball players like lightweight shoes as they enhance agility on the court. Giving up steadiness for lighter shoes might hurt how well you do. Go for shoes that are light but still give you good support. Nike uses mesh panels and perforated holes to get breathability, which reduces sweaty feet. Other shoes may have anti-odor technology to give you a smell-free performance and a breezy experience. 

Flexibility and Ankle Arch Support

A shoe that enhances natural foot movement has two features: Flexibility and ankle support. Find shoes with both to get a glove-like fit that relieves foot pain and fatigue. 

Type of Shoe

Pickleball shoes come in various styles, like Court Shoes and sneakers. We found Nike tennis shoes and sneakers to be comfortable for pickleball. Aside from that, you can go for volleyball shoes as well. Running and walking shoes are not recommended for regular pickleball players.


What type of shoes are best for pickleball?

For pickleball, the best shoes are those with a rubber outsole featuring a herringbone traction pattern for grip. Tennis shoes like Nike Court Lite 2 work best.

Which Nike sneaker is suitable for pickleball?

Nike Court Royale sneakers are an excellent choice for pickleball. It offers optimal support, comfort, and traction on indoor and outdoor courts. 

Are pickleball shoes and tennis shoes the same?

Pickleball and tennis shoes share some similarities in terms of lateral movements and quick direction changes. Many pros use tennis shoes to play pickleball, so they are similar, but it depends on construction and technology. 

Final Words

In Short, Nike uses special technologies to make sure players get to play sports like pickleball and tennis. Most of the Nike shoes for pickleball have everything you need. They help you move quickly, stop you from slipping, keep your feet cool, fit your feet well, and give you strong but flexible shoes.

Nike uses various technologies that work together to help you play pickleball like a pro. That being said, here are our three favorite picks for the best Nike shoes for pickleball:

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