Can you Play Pickleball on a Tennis Court? A Detailed Guide

Though pickleball has become immensely popular, finding a proper pickleball court in most places is still a challenge. Since the pickleball court is originally derived from a tennis court, many people ask, “what to do if there is no pickleball court near me,” and “Can you place pickleball on a tennis court?”

Yes, playing pickleball on a tennis court is utterly viable. The pickleball court has almost the same dimensions as a tennis court. The only primary difference is that the latter is much bigger, which may make it sometimes unsuitable for the singles format. 

Can you Play Pickleball on a Tennis Court

However, you can easily play pickleball on a tennis court by making some adjustments. If you are curious about how it is possible, then check out the following context. In this article, you will find a comprehensive guide elaborating on how to play pickleball on a tennis court.

How Pickleball and Tennis Court are Different? 

If you know the history of pickleball, you may know it is a combination sport of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. Therefore, it is viable for pickleball to have some similarities with tennis. 

The pickleball court has always been considered similar to the tennis court, but they are not identical. The latter one is so much larger than 4 pickleball courts on a tennis court can fit. Besides the size variation, the tennis court has all the essentials for pickleball. Thus, for playing pickleball on a tennis court, one must re-mark the court with the baseline, sidelines, and kitchen. 

Talking about the net, then its height is about 36 inches, while the pickleball net is about 2 feet shorter. The difference between net heights is meagre. Therefore, the netting section of the tennis court requires no modification to play pickleball. Similarly, the tennis court has two alleys, implying it can be used for both pickleball singles and doubles formats. 

How to Use Tennis Court for Pickleball? 

The internal dimensions of the tennis court resemble those of a tennis court. That is why it is easy to modify it into a pickleball court. The pickleball court is about 2 feet longer than the tennis court’s service boxes. On the other hand, the single lines of a tennis court are about 3.5 feet wider than the pickleball lines. 

Since the service box area of the tennis court is the most similar to the pickleball court, it can be part of the arena you can modify to play pickleball. To play pickleball in this section, you only need a few marking tools, such as cones, water bottles, or anything else. If the court manager permits, you can use chalk, tape, or paint to create temporary pickleball lines

Some people also like using vinyl and rubber strips for marking the pickleball lines as they are convenient, removable, and inexpensive. However, if you are still confused regarding how to modify the tennis court to play pickleball, the following elaborated points can help you. 

Serving Zone Adjustments

The service area in the pickleball court is marked and visible. But many people get confused about locating the service area on the tennis court. If you combine the service boxes of the tennis court, it will constitute its serving zone or service area. 

The service area of the pickleball court is 44 feet long, while the tennis court’s serving zone is 42 feet long. This implies that the pickleball and tennis courts have serving zones almost the same size. That is why it does not require hefty modification.  

As evident, the tennis court’s serving zone falls 2 feet shorter. To make the process uncomplicated, you can ignore the difference as it is negligible. But if you want to be precise, you can extend the lines by marking them 1 foot longer on both sides of the baseline. 

But playing on a tennis court without extending the serving zone can be really advantageous. Because then you will be used to playing shots within a shorter distance, which can help you strictly observe the baseline rules of the sport. 

Net Adjustments

As mentioned earlier, the pickleball net is 2 feet shorter in height than the tennis court’s net. Therefore, it will also require some modification. The best way to adjust the net is to remove a strap from the net. Doing so will decrease the net height and make it the same as standard nets for pickleball. 

However, if you are unable to do so due to the lack of the strap, lose the net from the two sides so that it lowers down to achieve the desired height. After modifying the net, check its height from the middle and ensure it is 34 feet. Once you are done with the game, remember to re-adjust the net to its original height. 

Net Adjustments pickleball

Non-Serving/Non-Volleying/Kitchen Adjustments

Since there is no kitchen on the tennis court, you must mark it yourself for the pickleball match. The distance between the net and the non-volley zone is typically 7 feet. Using a measuring tape, estimate this distance on the tennis court and mark it using tape. Ensure to draw a complete line with tape, as a cone or a water bottle would be insufficient. 

Once done, you will have four marked zones on either side of the net. Two will be on the kitchen line, while the two will be at the baseline. Collectively, these lines will determine the sidelines of the pickleball court. Therefore, repeat the marking procedure on both sides of the net to attain the sidelines. By marking the sidelines, you can make the court more suitable for a pickleball game and save the players from extra running. 

Single Line and CenterLine Adjustments 

The centerlines on the tennis court are the same as in pickleball. They are equal in length, implying that it would not require any adjustment. But when it comes to the single lines that connect the tennis line and centerline, they are 13.5 feet in width. These lines are a little wider because, for pickleball, they should be around 10 feet in width. 

To modify the single lines, measure the additional 3.5 feet on the tennis court. After the extra width is spotted, place a marker (cone, tape, bottle, etc.) on the baseline. Repeat the process for all four sides till single lines of the entire court measure 10 feet in width. Also, check the Pickleball vs. Tennis Shoes.

The temporary pickleball lines on a tennis court will give you a more authentic match experience. However, after the match finishes and you are done playing, you must remove all these modifications and restore the court to its original shape.

How to Use Tennis Court for Pickleball


How many pickleball courts fit on a basketball court?

If we compare the size of basketball and pickleball courts, the former is much bigger. The basketball court is so large that it can almost fit three pickleball courts at once.

Can you fit two pickleball courts on one tennis court?

Typically the tennis court is large enough to fit four pickleball courts. But many people ask how many pickleball matches can be played at once on a tennis court. By making some serious modifications and re-marking the court, the tennis court can be divided into two parts to accommodate two simultaneous pickleball matches.

Final Verdict

Playing pickleball on a tennis court is not as difficult as many think. You can easily play pickleball on tennis court dimensions by making a few minimal adjustments. The cost to convert tennis court to pickleball is reasonable and, in fact, inexpensive.

All you require for converting the tennis court to play pickleball are cones, tape, or rubber strips. Here we conclude our article on “can you play pickleball on a tennis court net.” If you want to learn more about this sport, you are welcome to visit our website.

On our platform, you will find elaborative guides on pickleball rules, formats, and gameplay regulations.

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