What Shoes To Wear For Pickleball – Choose the Right Shoes

What shoes to wear for pickleball is the main concern of pickleball players. When picking pickleball shoes, you need to think about a few things to make sure they’re right for you. First, consider the type of court and surface you’ll be playing on, 

What Shoes To Wear For Pickleball

Also, look at the traction and stability of the shoes, how much support and cushioning they give, how comfortable and breathable they are, and even how heavy or light they feel. All these factors matter for a good playing experience.

What Shoes Are Good For Pickleball? 

Having the right shoes is super important because pickleball involves quick movements, and the right shoes can make you perform better and avoid injuries.

Since pickleball is such a diverse sport with different needs for different players, it is important to have a helpful guide to choosing the right shoes. 

In this article, I am going to talk about each of these factors in detail, giving you a good understanding of what to look for in pickleball footwear and do you need special shoes for pickleball.

What To Look For in Pickleball Shoes? 

Here are a few things to consider before you go picking pickleball shoes. Remember not all the shoes are meant to perform for the lateral movements involved in Pickleball. So choose it wisely.  

Court-Specific Shoes: 

Choosing the right shoes for pickleball is crucial because it’s a fast game, often played on hard courts. Specific pickleball shoes for courts are designed for this surface, with features that match the movements and challenges.

They provide excellent support, especially during side-to-side moves, ensuring stability and reducing stress on your feet and ankles. These shoes have strong midsoles and outsoles, making them perfect for quick stops and movements in pickleball.

What To Look For in Pickleball Shoes?

Outsole and Traction: 

When choosing shoes for pickleball, find ones with non-marking rubber soles. The bottom part of the shoe should have a good tread pattern that helps you stop, start, and move sideways easily on the court. This kind of traction is essential for playing pickleball well, where you often need to make quick moves.

The outsoles are designed with specific patterns and materials to enhance grip on hard court surfaces. This ensures that players can make quick and precise movements without slipping, contributing to both performance and safety on the court.

Surface Consideration: 

Think about the kind of court you play on the most. Shoes are made for different surfaces like hard courts, clay courts, or indoor courts. So, pick shoes that match the type of court you play on the most. It makes a difference in how well you move and play. 


It’s important to have comfortable shoes for quick moves in pickleball. Always go for shoes with enough padding, especially in the middle sole. This will help you in absorbing up the impact or shock when you jump or change directions quickly.


Playing pickleball can make you sweat a lot since it is a physically demanding sport, and that can mean your feet get pretty sweaty and hot as well. To keep them cool and comfortable, go for shoes made from breathable materials. 

These kinds of shoes let air in, which helps your feet stay fresh and comfortable, even during long games. So, when you’re picking your pickleball shoes, think about choosing ones that keep your feet cool, especially if you plan on playing for a while.

Stability and Support: 

Pickleball has lots of moving from side to side. So, when you pick shoes, always go for ones that give good lateral support. Go for shoes with strong uppers and midsoles. This keeps your foot steady when you quickly change directions and make sure you stay comfortable and avoid any slips.

Fitting and Sizing: 

Getting the right size of shoes is super important for how well you play and to avoid getting hurt. Make sure the shoes you are picking fit you well, not too tight but snug. Also, when you try the shoes on, make sure you wear the socks you plan to use during the game to get the best fit.


The shoes you choose for pickleball need to be tough and durable enough to be able to handle the abrasion and hitting that happens during play. Go for shoes with extra-strong toe parts and are made from good materials to make sure they last a very long time.

What To Look For in Pickleball Shoes 


What to look for in pickleball shoes before wearing them?

Before buying pickleball shoes, make sure to research a great deal. You should always go for shoes that provide you with enough comfort, traction, and stability. 

Check for the tread pattern as well as the outsole and whether the shoes have the feature to absorb shock on the court to prevent you from foot injuries.

How to try on pickleball shoes before a game?

Before the game, make sure to try on your pickleball shoes with the same socks you will wear for the game. This will ensure that you have a proper and snug fit or not.

What are the best brands to purchase pickleball shoes from?

The top brands to buy pickleball shoes from are ASICS, Skechers, FitVille, K-Swiss, WILSON, and Adidas.

Are there specific shoes recommended for outdoor pickleball?

Outdoor pickleball shoes should have durable outsoles capable of withstanding abrasive outdoor surfaces like concrete or asphalt. Look for shoes with sturdy construction, reinforced toe caps, and ample cushioning to protect your feet during extended play on outdoor courts.


When choosing shoes for pickleball, it is important to prioritize comfort, stability, and support. Always go for shoes with durable outsoles designed for traction on both indoor and outdoor surfaces, as well as cushioning and flexibility to adjust to the quick and multidirectional movements required in the game. 

Additionally, go for shoes that offer a good amount of lateral support and a snug, secure fit to minimize the risk of injury. By focusing on these key features, players can ensure that their footwear improves their performance and enjoyment of the game while providing the necessary support and protection for their feet.

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