What are the Dimensions of a Pickleball Court? A Definitive Guide

Owing to the increase in the popularity of this sport, the demand for pickleball courts has accelerated. Earlier, when there was little awareness regarding this sport, people considered that the pickleball courts were the same size as tennis or badminton courts. 

what are the dimensions of a pickleball court

But now that it has gained sufficient fame and people are recognizing it as a separate sport distinct from badminton and tennis, they often ask questions about its court size, such as; 

What are the dimensions of a pickleball court? 
How long is a pickleball court? 
What is the length and width of a pickleball court? 

If you are also seeking valid answers to these queries, then you are at the right place! This article will comprehensively guide our readers regarding the pickleball court cost, dimensions, sizing, and whether you can make a home pickleball court.

What is the Standard Size of a Pickleball Court? 

Contrary to what some people think, the pickleball court is much smaller than badminton or a tennis court. A standard pickleball court is about half the size of a badminton court. On the other hand, a tennis court is big enough to accommodate four pickleball courts in it simultaneously.  

Pickleball Court Size in Feet 

A standard pickleball court size in feet is about 44 feet long and 20 feet wide. However, when the out-of-bounds areas are included, the court becomes 60 feet long and 30 feet wide. 

Pickleball Court Size in Meters 

Similarly, the pickleball court size in meters is about 13.41m long and 6.10m wide. With out-of-bound regions included, the court measures  18.29m long and 9.14m wide. 

Some people think that since singles is a two-player game, it must have smaller pickleball court dimensions. But in actuality, no such thing is true. Both pickleball singles and doubles are played on a pickleball court of the same size. 

What is the Standard Size of a Pickleball Court

What is the Pickleball Net Size? 

The net size is a crucial aspect of a pickleball match as it can impact the gameplay. Most people make the mistake of using the tennis court net in a pickleball match. In reality, the pickleball has its specified net size, which is lower in the middle but slightly higher from the edges. Also, check the What is Pickleball?

On the sidelines, the pickleball net is about 36 inches high. But from the centerline, the net plunges low to 34 inches. The size difference between the pickleball and tennis court nets is very minimal. By removing a single strap from the net, you can easily modify the tennis net for a pickleball match. 

What are the Dimensions of the Different Parts of a Pickleball Court? 

A pickleball court has multiple other sections besides net and out-of-bound areas. If you plan to make a home pickleball court, determining the dimensions of these sections is necessary.

What are the Dimensions of a Pickleball Court?

Sideline and Centerline Dimensions 

The sidelines are the boundaries of the pickleball court that run parallel to the net. They are seven feet ahead of the net and in direct contact with the kitchen/non-volley zone. On a standard pickleball court, the sidelines are typically 15 feet on either side of the net (collectively, 30 feet). 

The centerline is present between the two sidelines, creating two separate volleying zones. The dimensions of the centerlines are the same as those of the sideline. These centerlines divide the volleying zone into two service areas, i.e., left and right.  

Kitchen or Non-Volley Zone Dimensions 

As suggested by its name, the kitchen or non-volleying zone is the section where volleying is prohibited. The kitchen is present on both sides of the net. One boundary of the non-volley zone joins with the centerline/sidelines, while the other coincides with the net. Regarding its dimensions, each non-volley zone is about 7 feet (collectively 14 feet). 

Baseline Dimensions 

Next comes the baseline from where the players serve or return the pickleball. Like sidelines and centerlines, the baselines are also on both sides of the net. However, the baselines are not perpendicular. Instead, they run parallel to the net and coincide adjacently with the sideline boundaries. In terms of dimensions, each baseline is about 20 feet wide.

 Out-of-Bound Dimensions 

The area outside the sidelines is the out-of-bound section. If the player hits the pickleball in this section or misses the delivery, so the ball enters the out-of-bound area, it will be counted as a fault. Thus, it is viable to say that the out-of-bound section constitutes an important part of the pickleball court. 

According to the USAPA regulations, a pickleball court should have 10 feet margin around the court for the out-of-bound section. Therefore, the total area of a pickleball court, including its out-of-bound, can be around 40×64 inches. 

Can you Make a Home Pickleball Court in a Backyard? 

Pickleball is a one-of-a-kind sport that does not require being extremely athletic or sporty. People of any age group can easily enjoy this sport. Moreover, to play pickleball, you don’t require extensive group preparations. Only two to four people are sufficient to play a wholesome pickleball match.

Owing to its benefits, people now desire a pickleball court in their homes. But they often wonder whether making a home pickleball court is possible. 

Yes! Pickleball courts are not very extensive. They are much smaller than tennis or badminton courts. The above dimensions of a pickleball court will give you a better idea of the space you must have at your place to build a pickleball court. 

After estimating the space, you must purchase the essentials for setting up the court. The pickleball court cost is relatively inexpensive. A few accessories, such as a net, paint, wiffleball, paddles, and tape, are sufficient to construct a home pickleball court.


Is it expensive to construct a pickleball court?

While other sports like tennis and badminton are very expensive to set up, pickleball court cost is much more affordable and budget-friendly. You can instantly construct a pickleball court at your home, club, or anywhere else using only a few supplies and a net.

Are the dimensions of an outdoor pickleball court the same as an indoor court?

Whether you are playing pickleball indoors or outdoors, the pickleball court dimensions remain the same.

How small can a pickleball court be?

The smaller pickleball court dimensions should be at least 20 feet wide and 44 feet long.

Can pickleball courts be adjusted for different levels of play?

Yes, while standard court dimensions are recommended, temporary court lines can be used to adjust the court size for different levels or age groups.

Final Verdict

Pickleball court dimensions have made it obvious that it is much smaller than the courts required for other sports. If you are a die-heart pickleball fan and have the required space, you can even set up the pickleball court at your place. However, try to remain precise with the dimensions of the pickleball court.

Many people make the mistake of altering the pickleball court dimensions, which ultimately leads to an inauthentic gameplay experience. We hope you enjoyed our article on “what are the dimensions of a pickleball court?” If you want to read more such content on pickleball, do visit our website.

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