Are Training Shoes Good For Pickleball? Detail Guide

Are training shoes suitable for Pickleball? Well, yes, training shoes can be used for pickleball, but they might have limitations compared to specialized pickleball shoes. Pickleball needs good shoes for safety and quick movements to prevent injuries. Cross-training shoes, like NOBULL Court Trainer or UA TriBase Reign 5, offer versatility and durability for various sports, including pickleball. 

Are Training Shoes Good For Pickleball

These shoes give long-term durability and cost-effectiveness, but they have drawbacks. They might not grip well on pickleball courts, making slipping possible. Also, they might not support ankles for quick movements and could be heavy, slowing players down. 

Even though they last a while, they might not last as long as pickleball-specific shoes. So, let’s explore pickleball footwear and discuss the pros and cons of using training shoes for this sport. Knowing these things can help players better decide what shoes to wear for pickleball.

In pickleball, players move around a lot—forward, backward, and sideways. They need to stay steady and move smoothly to do this without falling or getting hurt. Shoes play a big role in helping players remain balanced and avoid damaging their joints. 

When shoes are stable and provide good support, players can move around the court more efficiently. This means they can move accurately and safely without worrying about slipping or injury.

Cross-training shoes are shoes that can be used for lots of different activities. They give support, softness, and comfort for lifting weights, doing workouts, and running. These shoes usually have a strong middle part, a tough bottom, and plenty of soft padding to help with all kinds of movements.

training shoes

The NOBULL Court Trainer is a top pick for pickleball training shoes because it’s made specifically for court sports and workouts. It has a strong and protective toe, durable SuperFabric material, and great stability for moving in different directions. Additionally, Its herringbone tread gives a good grip for indoor and outdoor pickleball and various workouts.

UA TriBase Reign 5

The UA TriBase Reign 5 is a great shoe for pickleball and CrossFit. It’s great for Pickleball because its stable midsole helps with movements and accurate action. It’s also durable for pickleball and CrossFit activities, and its balance is suitable for various gym or court movements. It’s also comfortable enough for short runs during workouts.

Reebok Nano X3

The Reebok Nano X3 is perfect for pickleball and wider feet. It offers a slightly wider fit suitable for neutral or slightly broader feet. It’s versatile for gym and court use, offering great traction and durability. Its Lift and Run Chassis System boosts stability and ankle support, while the Floatride Energy Foam and Flexweave upper provide comfort and security, ideal for CrossFit, training, and pickleball.


Asics shoes like Gel-ROCKEt 8 and Gel-Dedicate 5 are awesome for indoor pickleball as they’re super comfy and supportive with features like cushioning. It also includes features like the Forefoot GEL Cushioning System and TRUSSTIC System technology. Costlier trainer shoes could stay in good shape for longer, but their midsoles might wear out faster. These shoes are for playing a lot and have removable inserts to look after your feet.


K-Swiss offers comfy, wide shoes designed specifically for the game. They’re made specifically for pickleball, with shock absorption and better grip for indoor games. Unlike regular athletic shoes, these shoes are safe and comfy, and Fila’s Volley Zone shoe is also a good pick. Another option is K-Swiss Express Light Men’s Pickleball Shoes, known for their durability and comfort.

These are the benefits of using cross-training shoes for Pickleball:

  • Versatility: Cross-trainers can handle different moves, which is perfect for Pickleball. They support quick shifts and sprints on the court.
  • Toughness: These shoes last long because they’re made for many sports. They can handle all the twists and turns of Pickleball.
  • Comfort: They feel good on your feet during challenging Pickleball games. They have soft padding that absorbs shock and keeps your feet comfy.
  • Cost-Effective: Buying cross-trainers for Pickleball and other activities saves money. You get more use out of one pair of shoes instead of buying specialized ones for each sport.
Benefits of Training Shoes for Pickleball

The following are the disadvantages of using cross-training shoes for Pickleball:

  • Traction Trouble: Cross-training shoes are suitable for many activities but might not grip as well on a Pickleball court. Pickleball shoes are made specifically for that surface and have a better grip and traction to avoid slipping.
  • Support Shortage: While cross-trainers give some support, they might not protect your feet and ankles as well as Pickleball shoes. The side-to-side movements in Pickleball need shoes that support your feet better to prevent injuries.
  • Weight Considerations: Some cross-training shoes are heavier and bulkier than Pickleball shoes. For serious players, lighter shoes can help them move faster during the game, which might be important for performance.
  • Durability Problem: Training shoes might only last for a short time during Pickleball games because they aren’t specifically designed for it. They might wear out quicker and need to be replaced sooner than shoes made specifically for Pickleball.
Limitations of Training Shoes for Pickleball

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal shoe for pickleball?

Use court-specific shoes for the best play. If you can’t, indoor pickleball shoes with softer soles are good on different surfaces but might not last as long on rough courts.

Are pickleball-specific shoes essential?

In pickleball, you have to move quickly and side-to-side. Regular running shoes are made for going straight and won’t give you enough support when moving in different directions during the game.

Are tight-fitting shoes ideal for playing pickleball?

Pickleball shoes must fit comfortably, not too tight, to keep your feet feeling good. Tight shoes can stop blood flow and make your feet tired quickly.

Can I use my regular athletic shoes for pickleball?

While regular athletic shoes may suffice for casual play, dedicated pickleball shoes offer specialized features tailored to the demands of the game. Consider investing in pickleball-specific shoes for better performance and injury prevention, especially if you play frequently or competitively.


Using regular training shoes for Pickleball is okay but not perfect. They’re good because they’re tough, comfy, and save money. Brands like NOBULL, UA, Reebok, Asics, and K-Swiss have good options. 

But these shoes might slip on Pickleball courts, not support your feet enough, and could be heavier than special Pickleball shoes. They might not last as long during challenging games, either. 

So, If you really love Pickleball, Court shoes are a better choice to avoid slipping and injuries on a court.

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