How To Determine Foot Size For Pickleball Shoes Fit?

Choosing the right pair of shoes is essential for any sport, and pickleball is no exception. Picking the right pair of pickleball shoes enhances your performance and reduces the risk of possible injuries. To ensure you are getting the perfect fit for yourself, you must accurately determine your foot size. 

how to determine foot size

If you don’t know how to determine foot size for pickleball shoes, don’t worry; simply take a ruler and measure your foot size for your court shoes. Place the ruler on the floor, and keep your foot on it. Keep your toe on the zero and heel on the other side to avoid wrong measurements. Take the reading and match it with the size chart you are done with.

Feeling overwhelmed with the process, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the process. 

 How Exactly Can You Determine Foot Size For Pickleball Shoes?

Determining your foot size accurately is crucial when shopping for pickleball shoes. Here, I am going to explain to you the pattern I personally followed before shopping for my own pickleball shoes. Here’s a detailed guide on how to measure your foot size for pickleball shoes:

You will need

  • Ruler or a foot measuring device.
  • Sheet of paper.
  • Pen or pencil.
  • Socks that you would typically wear while playing pickleball.
How To Determine Foot Size For Pickleball Shoes Fit


Prepare your materials: 

  • Find a flat and hard surface, like a hardwood floor or tile, to take your measurement.
  • Position your sheet of paper against the wall in a way that it touches the wall and covers the entire length of your foot.

Put on the right socks

  • Wear the exact socks you plan to wear while playing pickleball. This is important, as the thickness of your socks can affect the fit of your shoes.

Stand Against the Wall

  • Stand upright with your heel firmly against the wall and your foot at a 90-degree angle to your leg.

Mark the longest point

  • With the help of a pen or pencil, mark the angle/tip of your longest toe. In numerous cases, this is your big toe, and it can vary from person to person.

Measure the Length

  • Carefully calculate the length from the wall to the marked point on the sheet of paper. This measurement is your foot’s length.

Repeat for both feet

  • Perform the same steps for your other foot. It’s not weird for one of your feet to be a little larger than the other, so it’s important to measure both.

Determine Your Shoe Size

  • Once both of your feet have been measured, verify the results on the size chart provided by the manufacturer or store where you are planning on purchasing your pickleball shoes.
  • Shoe sizes can vary between brands, so it’s essential to check the specific brand’s sizing recommendations to find your perfect fit.
  • Choose the larger measurement when picking your shoe size if one foot is somewhat bigger than the other.

Consider Width

  • In addition to length, consider the width of your feet. Some pickleball shoes come in different width options (e.g., regular, wide, narrow), so make sure to take width into account if you have wider or narrower feet.

Try the Shoes On

  • Once you have your size, try on the pickleball shoes you’re interested in and walk around to ensure they feel comfortable and provide the necessary support for your feet.

Remember that you must measure your feet periodically. This is because your foot size can change over time due to age, weight fluctuations, and physical activity. Additionally, different shoe brands like Asics and models might fit differently. Therefore, it’s a fair idea to try on shoes or talk with the brand’s sizing recommendations before purchasing them, particularly if you’re buying online.

How Exactly Can You Determine Foot Size For Pickleball Shoes?

Shoe Size Conversion of Shoes for Pickleball  

By following the technique I mentioned above, you can quickly get your feet’ dimensions and correct measurements. Once you have the measurement, you can proceed with the size selection. Remember that sizes may vary from brand to brand, so choose accordingly. Similarly, whether you opt for pickleball, running, or tennis shoes for indoor or outdoor, the basic method remains the same. 

Men’s Pickleball Shoe Size Chart

US SizesUK SizesEuro SizesCentimeter (cm)Inches

Women’s Pickleball Shoe Size Chart

US SizeUK SizeEuro SizeCentimeter (CM)Inches
5335-3621.6 8.5”


How to choose the right pickleball shoes for you? 

Before buying the pickleball shoes, make sure you have enough idea about the court surface you are playing on as well and the shoes you are buying are comfortable to play in.

How to measure foot size for pickleball shoes? 

To measure your foot size for pickleball shoes, use a ruler or any measuring device to measure your foot’s dimensions. Write down the dimensions and match them with the appropriate one with the one the size chart. 

Can I use other athletic shoes for pickleball? 

Although you can use other athletic shoes for playing pickleball it is often not recommended. Always wear shoes specifically designed for playing pickleball as those shoes will not only help you in your performance but will also protect your feet from possible injuries. 

How often should I replace my pickleball shoes for proper fit and performance?

It’s recommended to replace your pickleball shoes every 6-12 months or when you notice signs of wear and tear, loss of support, or discomfort during play.


Choosing the right pickleball shoes for yourself is not only important for your games but also for your overall foot protection. Choosing the right shoe size can be tricky due to the fact that sizes vary from brand to brand. However, in this article, I have provided you with a thorough guide on how to determine foot size for pickleball shoes.

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