What Are Court Shoes For Pickleball? Complete Guide

Planning to start playing pickleball, you must be wondering, what are court shoes for pickleball, aren’t you? Well, court shoes for pickleball are specialized footwear designed to provide support, stability, traction, and durability specifically tailored to the fast-paced, lateral movement-intensive nature of pickleball. 

What Are Court Shoes For Pickleball

These court shoes are designed to enhance and improve performance on the court and to reduce the risk of injuries. These shoes also optimize agility on indoor court surfaces as well as outdoor court surfaces. 

You must know the characteristics of court shoes for pickleball, and I will also highlight some of the best options available for you in the market.

Characteristics of Court Shoes for Pickleball

Here are some of the characteristics of pickleball court shoes: 

Court-Specific Traction:

Pickleball courts have unique surfaces, and court shoes are made to give you stability and grip when you move sideways. Good pickleball court shoes need an outsole that grabs well on indoor courts.

These outsole patterns are all about stopping you from slipping when you make sudden stops or turns. The tread pattern and rubber in the outsole are super important for how much grip the shoes give you.

The outsoles are made to grip just right without making marks on the court. They’re like magic shoes designed to keep you steady and leave the court looking untouched.

Stability and Lateral Support:

Pickleball is all about quick lateral movements, and court shoes are designed to provide essential lateral support for that. The construction of the shoe, including the midsole and upper is geared towards minimizing the risk of ankle injuries during side-to-side actions. 

Additionally, many pickleball court shoes come with features such as ankle support and cushioning to minimize the risk of sprains and injuries.

Court shoes for pickleball are constructed with supportive materials that provide an immense amount of stability during lateral movements. 

Cushioning for Impact Absorption:

When it comes to pickleball court shoes, feeling comfortable is super important. Pickleball court shoes make sure there’s plenty of cushioning, especially in the middle part of the shoe. 

This cushioning is there to take in the impact when you’re jumping and changing direction quickly. 

These shoes need to have enough cushioning to absorb the shock when you’re moving around and hitting the ball. A comfy fit and a supportive insole are also key to making sure your feet don’t get tired, even if you play for a long time.

Breathability and Comfort:

Pickleball court shoes are designed to keep your feet comfortable throughout a match. They usually feature breathable materials in the upper part of the shoe which prevent unreasonable heat and moisture build-up during extended play. 


Since pickleball is a fast paced game with lots of movement, the shoes you wear on the court have to be tough. Good pickleball court shoes use strong materials in the front part to handle all the rubbing and hitting that happens during play. 

They also have extra-sturdy stitching to make sure they last a very long time and wear out easily. These shoes serve as protection for your feet, ready to take on all the action and keep you playing for a good while.

Characteristics of Court Shoes for Pickleball

Choosing the Right Court Shoes For Pickleball

Here are a few things to consider before choosing the right pickleball shoes for yourself: 

Go for shoes compatible with court surface:

Think about the kind of court surface you play on the most. Court shoes are made for different surfaces, like hard courts, clay courts, or indoor courts. So, always go for shoes that are specifically designed for the kind of court you play on the most.

It’s like choosing the right tool for the job, and making sure your shoes work perfectly with the court surface you’re playing on.

Proper fitting and the right sizing is crucial:

A proper fit is very important for performance as well as to prevent any kind of injury. Make sure the court shoes you are choosing provide you with a snug fit without being too tight. You can also try them on with the socks you would wear during play to make sure the fitting is appropriate.

Pay attention to midsole cushioning:

Check the middle part of the shoe to make sure it’s comfy the way you like it. Some people like more cushioning to absorb impacts, while others prefer it to be a bit firmer so they can feel the court better. So, always decide whether you want a soft or firm midsole. Go for what feels just right for you after trying one on.

Look for lateral support and stability features:

Find court shoes that have strong sides and features for stability. These things help you move from side to side and lower the chance of hurting your ankle. It’s like having extra support to keep you safe while you play.

Pick shoes made of breathable materials:

If you play in warm conditions, always go for court shoes with breathable materials to keep your feet cool and comfortable.

Check for brands and reviews:

Check out well-known brands that make good sports shoes. Also, read what other pickleball players say in reviews to know if a certain court shoe is good and lasts a long time. Getting opinions helps you choose shoes that are both trusted and work well for pickleball.

What are the best court shoes for pickleball? 

Here are some of the best and top-reviewed court shoes for pickleball by pickleball players: 

1. Acacia Sports Tyler Loong Signature Edition Pro:

When it comes to the best pickleball court shoes, experts favor Acacia Sports, and the Tyler Loong Signature Edition Pro Shoes take the crown. Here’s why they are a top choice for players:

Comfortable Design:

  • They have a water-resistant midsole which keeps your feet dry and adds structure for stability.
  • They also have foam cushioning which is a thick layer of foam that ensures your comfort during every game.
  • These shoes also have an antimicrobial silicone insole that absorbs shock with a gel structure and keeps things fresh.

Support for Your Feet:

  • It has a wide toe box that allows your toes room to move, preventing discomfort.
  • It also provides heel stability which ensures support for quick movements and direction changes.

Durability and Protection:

  • Its leather drag guard shields the shoes from scratches and scuffs, enhancing their lifespan.
  • They have non-marking soles which provide excellent traction without leaving marks on the court.

 Approved for USA Pickleball:

  • These shoes are approved for use in official USA Pickleball games.
  • Designed for great traction during sprints and pivots.

Size Inclusivity:

  • While this model doesn’t come in a specific women’s version, women can size down by one size to find the right fit.


  • Provides heel stability.
  • Have non-marking soles.
  • Provides breathability.


  • Have a wider toe box.
  • Might not be available in the women’s version.

Suitable for: Acacia Loong Signature Edition Pro is best for players looking for more agile play and support and also prefer lightweight regular footwear.

2. FitVille Pickleball Shoes For Men

The FitVille Pickleball Shoes for Men are also a great choice for pickleball players for their comfortable design and top-notch materials. Let’s break down why these shoes are a great option:

Comfortable and Wide Design:

  • Available in sizes 7 to 14, catering to various foot widths.
  • Prevents toe cramping, ensuring superior comfort both on and off the court.

Breathable Material:

  • Offers breathability and prevents overheating and keeps odors at bay.

Durable and Supportive Outsoles:

  • Incorporate EVA and TPU rubber outsole and Dense EVA material paired with torsion-resistant TPU rubber for optimal traction and support.

Honeycomb-Style Insole:

  • Ensures optimal comfort with a honeycomb-style insole providing plenty of padding.

Arch Support:

  • Excellent arch support for individuals dealing with plantar fasciitis.

Stylish Variety:

  • Available in black, orange, white, and gray-and-white, offering both style and durability.

Performance on Various Surfaces:

  • Well-suited for excellent performance on different types of surfaces.


  • Available in many different sizes.
  • Made with breathable materials.
  • Provides ample cushioning. 
  • Provides arch support. 
  • Ideal for plantar fasciitis. 


  • Can be a bit wider for some. 
  • Only available for men. 

Suitable for: Fitville pickleball shoes are an excellent choice for players who prefer soft yet firm padded shoes that are ideal to wear on various court surfaces.

3. ASICS Gel-RENMA Pickleball Shoes

ASICS Gel-RENMA Pickleball shoes are a great option if you’re looking for great performance on the court but also have a minimal environmental impact, Let’s break down its characteristics: 

Eco-Friendly Design:

  • Its sockliner dyeing process reduces water usage by 33% and carbon emissions by 45%, making these shoes an eco-friendly choice.

Stability with TRUSSTIC Technology:

  • Its unique TRUSSTIC technology provides remarkable stability and twist reduction which supports your movements on the pickleball court.

Imitation Leather Sole:

  • The sole made from imitation leather ensures longevity and durability.

Flexible Outsole:

  • The outsole features grooves that enhance flexibility which allows for smooth and agile movements on the court.

Size and Color Options:

  • Available in sizes and half sizes ranging from 5 to 12.
  • You can choose from five different color combinations to match your style.

Optimal Performance:

  • Designed to support multi-directional movement, ensuring optimal performance during your pickleball game.


  • Improved stability. 
  • Extra padding.
  • Shock prove.


  • Only available in women’s sizes. 
  • Not as breathable as others.

Suitable for: The ASICS Pickleball Shoes for Women are a great option for women who prioritize performance over anything else. 

4. Condromly Indoor Pickleball Shoes

Condromly Indoor Pickleball Shoes are one comfy as well as stylish option for pickleball players. Here’s why they stand out and made it to our list of top pickleball shoes: 

Unisex Sizes for Everyone:

  • These shoes are available in unisex sizes, making them suitable for a broad range of players.


  • Crafted with upper mesh and imitation leather.  These shoes keep your feet supported and cool during your pickleball match.
  • The inside of the shoe is banded with a sponge material that cradles your feet with ample padding for a comfy feel.
  • The shoes boast a soft and elastic build and ensure a flexible and cozy fit.

Reliable Rubber Sole:

  • After eight years of testing and improvements, the rubber sole comes with a unique pattern design. This design provides traction and skid resistance, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Stylish Color Choices:

  • Choose from six vibrant and eye-catching color combinations, including lively shades.

Sizing Option: 

  • With 10 size choices, ranging from women’s 5 to 12 or men’s 3.5 to 10.5, you’re sure to find the perfect fit.


  • Unisex wear.
  • Extremely comfortable and supportive.
  • Ample padding.
  • Reliable traction.
  • Available in many colors.


  • Not suitable for the outdoor court surfaces.
  • Limited sizes.

Suitable for: The Condromly Indoor Pickleball Shoes are a suitable option for people who playon indoor courts. These shoes are very comfortable and durable and also add a pop of style to your pickleball game. 

5. Asics Gel-Game 9 Pickleball Shoes

The Asics Gel-Game 9 Pickleball shoes are just another popular choice that made it to our list. Want to know what? We have got you covered, and here’s why:

Breathable and Light Build:

  • Designed with a mix of synthetic and mesh materials, these shoes keep your feet cool and feel light during intense pickleball matches.

Gel Cushioning for Impact:

  • Thanks to Asics’ Gel cushioning embedded in the midsole, these shoes provide a soft landing and absorb impact. Perfect for those quick movements and jumps on the court.

Stability with Non-Marking Rubber Outsole:

  • The non-marking rubber outsole ensures stability, preventing slips on indoor surfaces. You can make those swift direction changes and precise moves without worrying about losing your footing.

Swift Direction Changes:

  • The design of these shoes is optimized for indoor play, allowing you to make rapid direction changes and move precisely, a game-changer in pickleball!


  • Available in sizes for men and women.
  • Non Marking soles.
  • Gel cushioning.
  • More support and stability.


  • May not be as durable as others.

Suitable for: ASICS Gel-Game 9 Pickleball Shoes are an excellent choice for players who prefer more stability and comfort during harsh foot movement to prevent any foot injuries.

cushioning in pickleball shoes

6. Skechers Viper Court Athletic Pickleball Shoes 

The Skechers Viper Court Men’s Pickleball Shoes might just be your perfect fit if you are looking for shoes that go beyond the court. Let’s dive into what makes them stand out:

Suitable for Various Activities:

  • Beyond Pickleball: These shoes aren’t limited to pickleball. They are perfect for volleyball, badminton, tennis, and even your daily runs or walks. Versatility at its best!

Indoor and Outdoor Ready:

  • The beauty of these shoes lies in their adaptability. Whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors, they’ve got you covered in every season.

Superior Traction and Comfort:

  • The outsoles, made from Goodyear rubber, provide superior traction. Say goodbye to slips and slides on the court!

Breathable Mesh Upper:

  • The mesh upper promotes air circulation which keeps your feet cool and comfortable during intense matches. Plus, it helps prevent those unwanted odors. 


  • Versatile for multiple activities.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Available in seven color options.
  • Comfortable for daily wear.


  • Available in a limited size range.

Suitable for: The Skechers Viper Court Men’s Pickleball Shoes are perfect choice for players looking for a fantastic balance between performance and style, with comfort and stability. Whether you’re hitting the pickleball court or exploring other sports, these shoes are your reliable companion. 

7. New Balance FuelCell 996v5 Pickleball Shoes

New Balance FuelCell 996v5 pickleball shoe  combines innovation, sporty design, and a rich tradition. Let’s explore what makes these shoes stand out:

Rapid Responsiveness:

  • Every stride is propelled by New Balance’s FuelCell technology, which ensures rapid responsiveness on the court. 

Snug and Secure Fit:

  • The mesh upper provides a snug and secure fit. So, you don’t have to worry about discomfort. These shoes are designed to keep you feeling comfortable and supported.

Exceptional Traction and Durability:

  • The outsole is crafted specifically for the court, offering exceptional traction and durability. This helps in making quick movements with ease and confidence. 


  • Innovative FuelCell technology for responsiveness.
  • Breathable mesh upper for a snug fit.
  • Court-specific outsole for exceptional traction.
  • Suitable for both men and women.


  • Limited color options.
  • Limited sizing options. 

Suitable for: The New Balance FuelCell 996v5 is a  go-to choice for players looking to elevate their pickleball game. Players who want a classy and sport-snug fit that also protects your feet from injury these shoes are the one for you. 


What to look for in court shoes for pickleball before purchasing? 

Before purchasing pickleball shoes, you must research well about the material and whether the shoes provide you with enough stability, comfort, and traction. 

Are pickleball shoes durable? 

The durability of pickleball shoes depends entirely on the materials used to construct shoes as well as the reputation of the brand.  

What to consider before buying pickleball shoes? 

Considering your playing style, the court surface, proper fitting, and appropriate sizing are crucial before buying pickleball court shoes. 

How often should I replace my court shoes for pickleball?

The lifespan of court shoes for pickleball depends on factors like frequency of play, intensity of play, and the quality of the shoes. As a general guideline, consider replacing your pickleball shoes when you notice signs of significant wear and tear, loss of cushioning, or diminished traction, which can compromise performance and increase the risk of injury.


To wrap it up, having the right court shoes for pickleball is key to boosting your performance and avoiding injuries. When you’re picking out the best ones, think about things like stability, traction, durability, cushioning, and breathability. 

A good pair that checks off these boxes will make you more agile, improve your movements, and keep you comfy while playing pickleball. 

It doesn’t matter if you play casually or compete seriously, getting quality court shoes made for pickleball can really make your time on the court better and more enjoyable.

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