Where to Play Pickleball: Find Your Perfect Pickleball Court

Pickleball’s popularity has taken over the US by storm. Currently, over three million people play this sport in America. More people are rapidly transitioning to this sport owing to its low-impact and beginner-friendly attributes. 

But since pickleball’s popularity has been so abrupt, the shortage of pickleball courts has become a severe problem. Many badminton and tennis courts have been modified to play pickleball to overcome this shortage. Still, compared to other sports, finding a pickleball court may be pretty challenging for many. 

Where to Play Pickleball A Detailed Guide to Finding the Perfect Pickleball Court

Refer to the following context if you also need help with where to play pickleball. This article has a detailed guide that can help you understand where to play pickleball, as it enlists some of the best pickleball courts in your area!

What is an Ideal Pickleball Court?

Few people know that not every pickleball court is suitable for playing. These days, most pickleball courts are modified versions of tennis or badminton courts. If the court is not appropriately modified, its elemental components and dimensions may get tempered, ultimately resulting in the loss of pickleball’s true essence. 

Therefore, before playing on a pickleball court, you must check whether its size and framework are appropriate. However, if you are unfamiliar with the components of an ideal pickleball court, check out the following points.

Pickleball Court Dimensions 

Pickleball is played on a rectangular court. Though the pickleball court’s shape is similar to badminton and tennis courts, its size is much smaller. A pickleball court should be about 44 feet long and 20 feet wide. Also, read the Pickleball vs. Tennis Shoes.

Many people make the mistake of using a tennis/badminton court to play pickleball. If you do so, pickleball’s core purpose will be hampered, and the sport will lose originality. Therefore, a pickleball court must have the exact dimensions mentioned above. 

what is the standard size of a pickleball court

Pickleball Net 

The pickleball court is divided horizontally at its center by a net. This net looks identical to the ones used in tennis and badminton. But in actuality, the dimensions of the pickleball net are different from other sports. An average pickleball net measures 36 inches from the posts and 34 inches from the center. 

The ball used in pickleball does not bounce as high as a tennis ball. That is why its net stoops lower at the center than the tennis net, so the pickleball ball can easily pass to the other side. Before the match starts, you should verify the net dimensions. If the dimensions are incorrect, you can quickly fix the net by readjusting its height at the posts. 

Court Zones 

Pickleball has a few zones which are unique to this sport. You must mark it on the court while modifying it for playing pickleball. The sidelines are the vertical boundaries of the court and should be 44 feet long. Whereas the horizontal boundaries, i.e., the baseline, are 20 feet wide. 

On the either side of the pickleball net is a 7 feet non-volley zone (NVZ) or kitchen. This section is marked with white paint, and players are prohibited from volleying here. After the kitchen area, there is a vertical centerline extending up to the court’s baseline. All these sections should be appropriately marked, and their dimensions should be correct. 

What is an Ideal Pickleball Court

How to Find a Pickleball Court?

Finding a good pickleball court is not as challenging as you may think. In fact, finding a court becomes less challenging when you know where to look for it. The following are some places near you that may have a pickleball court or can provide assistance regarding where to find one.

Local Community Center 

Your local community center is the first place you should seek a pickleball court. Pickleball has gained massive fame over the past few years. Following its popularity, many clubs have introduced pickleball courts. Also, check the History of Pickleball.

You can either contact your local community center or search for it on their social media page. If they have a pickleball court, you can join their club by signing up for its membership and using their court as you like. 

YMCA Centers 

Another place where you can find a suitable pickleball court is YMCA centers. YMCA cubs are well-reputed as they have a vast range of sports facilities. These centers are regularly updated to accommodate the necessities of players.

Most YMCA clubs have a pickleball court and all the basic facilities required to play this sport. If there is a YMCA center in your city or town, you can check it out regarding the availability of a pickleball court. 

Place2Play Website and App

USA Pickleball Association has introduced a new app and website that can help you locate pickleball courts nearby. USAPA’s spokesperson has confirmed that there are about 1600+ ambassadors and 21,000+ members, which constantly update the Place2Play app regarding the availability of pickleball courts in the US.

All you should do is visit the Place2Play website and search for a pickleball court. You must enter your location, city name, and zip code to locate a nearby court. Entering your credentials will help you filter your area’s most suitable pickleball courts. You can also opt for the same procedure to find a pickleball court on the Place2Play app, which can be downloaded using GooglePlay. 

USAPA Ambassadors 

If you cannot find an appropriate pickleball court on the Place2Play app/website, contact the USAPA ambassadors directly. To do so, you must visit the USAPA website. Then search for the desired ambassador and contact him for a pickleball court. 

Facebook Groups 

Multiple Facebook groups have been dedicated to pickleball players. These groups serve as a local community for players, where they can interact and solve their general problems. If you find it hassling to find a suitable pickleball court, you can join a diversified pickleball group on Facebook and take help from other members. 


Where do you mostly play pickleball?

Pickleball is played on a 44×20 feet long rectangular court similar in shape to badminton and tennis. A net in the center divides the court into two halves. On each side of the pickleball net is a non-volley zone, where volleying is prohibited.

Can pickleball be played inside or outside?

One of the most fascinating aspects of pickleball is you can play it on both outdoor and indoor courts.

Are the dimensions of indoor pickleball courts different from outdoor ones?

Contrary to what most people believe, the dimensions of an indoor pickleball court are the same as an outdoor court; there are literally no modifications.

Can I play pickleball at public parks?

Yes, many public parks have pickleball courts available for free or for a small fee. Some parks may require reservations for court use, especially during peak times.


Though there is a serious shortage of pickleball courts in the US, there are multiple sources that can help you determine where to play pickleball. You can check them out individually and find the most suitable pickleball court in your area. 

However, if you have failed to find a pickleball court, don’t worry! You can create a pickleball court yourself. You can modify a tennis or a badminton court to play pickleball. But you must ensure that all the dimensions of the pickleball court are correct. If they are not right, pickleball’s true essence will be lost. 

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