Hoka Running Shoes: Exploring the Pickleball Collection and Cushioned Wear

Ever thought if Hoka running shoes are known for their excellent tennis performance or if they could hold their own on the pickleball court? Well, you’re not alone. As someone who’s tested these running shoes in the dynamic arena of pickleball, we’re here to discuss how these shoes perform.

Does Hoka Make Court Shoes? No, Hoka doesn’t specifically make court shoes for pickleball. Hoka, a brand synonymous with revolutionizing running since 2009, may not have introduced a specific line of “Tennis Court shoes” or “pickleball shoes.” 

While some running shoes, like the Bondi 8, Clifton 8, and Mach 4, offer decent traction on pickleball courts, they are not specifically designed for the sport.

Hoka Running Shoes Exploring the Pickleball Collection and Cushioned Wear

However, before you write them off, these shoes, with their soft and supportive upper, might be your go-to footwear for pickleball if you suffer from foot conditions like supination, overpronation, flat feet, or plantar fasciitis. 

That being said, let’s get into what makes Hoka shoes good or bad for pickleball: 

Hoka, an athletic footwear brand from France, is renowned for making excellent running shoes. Since 2009, they have been a resilient force at the forefront of the running footwear industry. 

They’ve made shoes with cutting-edge technologies that let you run downhill faster. 

We’re describing an oversized, signature cushioned sole that is different from other running shoes. Many doctors have recommended these soft, breathable shoes for long-distance running. 

Let us tell you what makes Hoka shoes unique–how they’re comfortable, supportive, and great for athletes like pickleball players.

Meta-Rocker Technology: Hoka’s Signature Feature

Hoka’s running shoes are all about speed. This feature ensures smooth and fast transitions from heel to forefoot, making your movement fast. For everyday use, it adds stability by placing the rocker point closer to the toe. Think of it like wheels for your feet, as it prevents awkward landings. Plus, this keeps you moving smoothly, no matter your pace.

Cushioning Technology

The main reason why people use their midsole is due to the cushioning material used. They provide a forgiving impact and extra protection against injuries. You get a balanced performance for quick moves. 

Hoka shoe cushioning ensures protection while keeping your toes responsive. If you like a close-to-the-ground feel, the cushion gives you a strong push-off, adding bounce and speed. 

Lastly, you can adjust the plushness for the perfect balance of comfort and performance.

Active Foot Frame

Imagine your regular walk—this design embraces your heel. Therefore, walkers get a cozy and comforting sensation. As you start walking faster, the midfoot Active Foot Frame reaches forward, supporting your foot during those midfoot strikes. The Active Foot Frame secures your foot and provides support wherever you walk.


PROFLY is a special feature found in various shoe models. It includes softer foam in the heel to give you a comfortable landing and denser foam in the front for a quick and responsive push-off. This two-part midsole gives you a forgiving feel while still being responsive.


The J-Frame combines the benefits of the Active Foot Frame with extra support from firmer foam on the inner side. This smart positioning provides stability for feet that tend to overpronate. People with overpronation can relieve pain with the extra backing from the heel to the toe. 

Key Features of Hoka Shoes

Some of our pickleball players tested the best Hoka Running Shoes for their pickleball games and found the best results in terms of traction, playability, arch support, and cushioning. The following recommendations can help you have a better grip and support on the court.  

  1. Hoka Bondi 8 – Best traction on the pickleball court
  2. Hoka One One Clifton 8 – Versatile Athletic Performer
  3. Mach 4 – Durable All-Rounder
  4. Arahi 6 – Best for Dynamic Stability
  5. Rincon 3 – Lightweight shoes for Pickleball 
  6. Elevon 2 – Best for Stability  
  7. Hoka Challenger 7 – Agility for Beginner Pickleball Players 
  8. Speedgoat 5 – Tough and Durable Performer

Let us address the question of whether Hoka shoes are suitable for pickleball. To do that, we must consider features needed in pickleball shoes, such as grip, lateral support, cushioning, etc. As they develop running shoes, not all have suitable features for pickleball, but some do. See what you need in shoes and choose accordingly: 

Types of Hoka Shoes for Pickleball 


Hoka shoe grip on Pickleball courts is average as it’s made for outdoor terrains.  However, during testing, we saw superior Tread in specific models. Let’s explore their features in detail.

  • Bondi 8: Known for transcending its running shoe category, the Bondi 8 stands out for unparalleled support on outdoor pickleball courts. Its robust grip features make it a reliable choice for agile movements. 
  • Clifton 8: The Clifton’s lightweight construction aids quick movements with a good grip on the pickleball court.
  • Mach 4: The Mach has a durable build and exceptional traction. This proved to be suitable not only for running but also for pickleball and tennis on outdoor courts.

Arch Support

When playing pickleball, having the proper arch support is a game-changer. They stand out for their commitment to delivering top-notch arch support. This feature is particularly beneficial for pickleball players with high arches. They offer the necessary support to keep you going without compromising on comfort. Also, check the Arch Support in Pickleball Shoes.

  • Clifton Series: Despite the pillowy cushioning, the Clifton maintains a lightweight design. During pickleball sessions, players won’t feel weighed down, sluggish, or unresponsive. The Clifton series has amazing arch support for players with high arches but not for standard feet. 
  • Arahi 6: One notable contender in the shoe’s lineup is the Arahi 6, which offers premium arch support. The Arahi 6 takes arch support seriously with innovative J-Frame technology. This model is highly regarded by experts and players alike for its combination of support features and a lightweight build. 

Lateral Stability

Pickleball involves plenty of fast side-to-side movements, so it’s crucial to have shoes that can handle the pace. Take a look at the Elevon 2; it’s light and offers stability for quick lateral moves, making it suitable for pickleball and tennis. 

HOKA adds a new feature in the medial structure for two-layer lateral support called “Anatomical Support Wings.” 

In simpler terms, think of the “Anatomical Support Wings” as a unique design to support the middle part of your foot. It’s like having extra layers on the sides that help keep your foot steady, making your experience more supportive and stable when you play sports like pickleball, basketball, or tennis.

Note! Keep in mind that aside from this, not many Hoka shoes come with lateral support as they’re made for forward movements. 


Cushioning is a big deal, especially in high-impact sports like pickleball. Although all  of these running shoes are great when it comes to cushioning, here are our picks for pickleball: 

  • Arahi 6: The Arahi 6, designed for high-impact sports, boasts J-Frame technology for dynamic stability. Its plush cushioning ensures comfort during intense pickleball matches.
  • Rincon 3: While primarily a running shoe, the Rincon 3’s lightweight and cushioned design makes it a viable option for sports like pickleball.

Note! Cushioning has good appeal for pickleball players, but the bulky cushioned sole design may look awkward on a pickleball court. You get maximum cushioning but with a bulky-looking sole. 


The weight of your shoes can make or break your agility on the pickleball court. Hoka shoes are known for being lightweight, helping you make those quick moves. Try Challenger 7 as a beginner pickleball player. The 10-ounce weight with a sturdy build makes it great for indoor pickleball courts. 

Note! While some models may be lightweight and good for beginner pickleball players, not all offer stability for professionals. It’s recommended to wear shoes weighing around 12 ounces for best performance.  


With all those sudden direction changes and lateral moves, pickleball is tough on shoes. But fear not; these shoes are built to last, ensuring you stay in the game. The Speedgoat 5’s top-notch cushioning, grip, and tough build outsole ensure a solid outdoor pickleball shoes and tennis choice. 

Does Hoka Make Pickleball Shoes? Not exactly. Hoka isn’t shouting from the rooftops about having a specific line of “pickleball shoes.” However, their shoes are like the hidden gems for pickleball players with foot conditions.

We don’t recommend running shoes for pickleball if you don’t have any foot conditions. BUT–Pickleball players with specific foot conditions will find them reliable, offering support and comfort. Here are two reasons why:

Hoka shoes are particularly well-suited for individuals with specific foot conditions, including supination, overpronation, flat feet, and plantar fasciitis.

They lessen the impact on joints that may be due to excessive footwork. The cushioning, arch support, and stability features incorporated into designs address these conditions. They provide necessary support during pickleball matches.

Players with plantar fasciitis or overpronation will not find comfort while wearing pickleball shoes. That’s where Hoka running shoes come in handy to reduce impact. Two models stand out for addressing foot conditions like plantar fasciitis and overpronation. The Arahi 6’s plush cushioning in these shoes feels like a walk on clouds. People with foot conditions will get unmatched comfort during intense pickleball matches. 

Moving on to the ONE Clifton 8 Sneakers, these shoes are known for their versatility across various activities. Offering multi-surface grip, including on pickleball courts, they deliver optimal arch support and cushioning –a true treat for your arches. 

When it comes to playing pickleball, Hoka shoes have unique features, but they might not be everyone’s first choice. For most players, it’s better to go for shoes specifically designed for pickleball rather than running shoes for something they weren’t made for.

Brands like K-Swiss, Nike, Babolat, Asics, Acacia, and Fila have created shoes just for pickleball. These shoes are made to handle the specific demands of the sport, so you get the best performance and comfort on the court. 

Checking out what these brands offer could give you many options tailored for pickleball, making your time on the court even better. Start with Hoka running shoes, and get pickleball shoes as you get better at the game. 

Can Hoka shoes be used for pickleball?

Yes, but not all–Certain Hoka shoes, like the Bondi 8 and Clifton 8, offer suitable traction and support for pickleball.

What type of shoe is best for pickleball?

The best shoes for pickleball should provide good court grip, lateral stability, and cushioning.

What are Hoka shoes made for?

They are crafted for diverse activities. People wear them for walking or running every day. Overall, they cater to everyone from pro and ultra-marathoners to casual walkers and trail runners.

Can I play pickleball in running shoes?

While not ideal, playing pickleball in running shoes, especially those with appropriate features like Hoka models, is possible, offering decent comfort and support.

Are Hoka Pickleball shoes suitable for other sports or activities?

While designed with pickleball in mind, Hoka Pickleball shoes can also be suitable for other court sports like tennis and racquetball due to their lateral stability and traction. However, they may not be optimal for activities that involve extensive running or trail running.

In wrapping up our exploration of Hoka shoes on the pickleball court, it’s clear that these sneakers are suitable for pickleball players with foot conditions. From the court-gripping Bondi 8 to the lightweight Elevon 2, their diverse offerings have proven to be more than mere running shoes. 

To answer: Does Hoka make court shoes? No. While Hoka may not proclaim a line of “pickleball shoes,” our experiences tell a different story. In the long run, shift to pickleball-specific shoes for professional players. 

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