Can You Take A Pickleball Paddle On A Plane? TSA Rule 

You often have to travel with your Pickleball Paddle for a game out of the city, and you’re suddenly hit with the question, Can you even take a pickleball paddle on a plane? While it is not something that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has addressed openly, some references answer this question.

Can You Take A Pickleball Paddle On A Plane

The TSA has said that, while they don’t have Pickleball Paddles in their list of prohibited items, it is up to the security at the airport to allow you to carry the paddles with you or not, depending on the size of the paddles.

In this guide, I will walk you through the implications of this statement and what you can do to be on the safest side while being able to carry your pickleball paddles with you on your flight. Let’s get started.

TSA Regulations Regarding Pickleball Paddles While Traveling

TSA hasn’t been clear on whether bringing Pickleball Paddles with you to the flight is okay. Let’s see what all the fuss is about: 

First, there are no specific instructions in the TSA’s playbook for bringing pickleball paddles. They should have included them in their dos and don’ts list. So, when you’re in line at the airport, wondering if your paddle will be allowed through the security checkpoint, it is almost as much as the TSA officer you meet.

Here’s the thing – whether you can carry your pickleball paddle on board depends on the TSA officer’s call. Yep, it is entirely up to them to decide if your paddle cuts a carry-on item. Some officials would give you a thumbs-up, while others might shake their heads.

Picture this: one visitor manages to get through security with their paddle tucked properly into their carry-on bag, no questions asked. But then there is some other visitor who gets stopped by some other officer, with their paddle getting the red flag from safety. That’s the thing. There are no set rules about this. Also, check Paddleball Vs. Pickleball.

So, what does the TSA have to say about all this? Well, according to their official statements on social media, they have yet to make up their minds. On the one hand, they have mentioned that pickleball paddles are not on their prohibited list of carry-ons. But then again, they have also stated that it’s ultimately up to the officer on duty to decide.

Pickleball Paddles Regulations in Other Airlines

The same thing is observed with other airlines, too. They are not clear whether this type of accessory is allowed on the flight. Let’s take a short peek at what is happening in other nations like Canada:

In Canada, the story is quite comparable. The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) allows travelers to carry their pickleball paddles in carry-on baggage. However, much like within the U.S., it is a good idea to check with your airline for any unique regulations they may have. Also, read the Recess Pickleball Paddles.

While CATSA may give the green light for pickleball paddles, airlines may also have their own rules. These rules could vary from carrier to carrier, so you must do your homework before you head to the airport. Checking in with your airline ahead of time can save you from any last-minute surprises or complications.

So, whether you’re making plans to pickleball your way through the skies in Canada or everywhere else, ensure that you stay in the loop with both local regulations and airline guidelines.

Travel Tips for Traveling With Pickleball Paddles on Plane

When packing your pickleball paddles for travel, a little preparation could go a long way. Here are some pointers to make sure your paddles stay safe and sound on your adventure:

  • Before you start packing, take the time to get up to speed with the policies and rules of the airline you are flying with. Different airlines may have varying policies on carrying sports equipment like pickleball paddles. Knowing these guidelines earlier will help you avoid any surprises at the airport.
  • Pickleball paddles are strong but can still be prone to damage during your travels. Remember to use paddle covers or wrap them in soft substances like towels or clothing to keep them safe. This extra layer of protection will prevent scratches and piercings while your paddles are in the air.
  • If you are concerned about issues with keeping your paddles as carry-on items, you should put them in your checked luggage instead. This will let you avoid any size or weight restrictions that may apply to carry-on items. Knowing that your paddles are safely stored in the cargo hold will give you peace of mind.
  • Whether you are packing your paddles in your carry-on or checked bags, secure them properly so that they won’t harm any fragile luggage items in your bag. Use packing materials like bubble wrap or packing peanuts to fill empty spaces for your baggage and keep your paddles snug and stable.

Common Concerns and Misconceptions of Travelling with Pickleball Paddles

Some travelers might be concerned that security might hold them down if they bring their Pickleball Paddles along. Let’s address these misconceptions: 

  • People might worry if their pickleball paddles will pass through airport safety with no issues. They might think the paddles might set off alarms or cause suspicion during checks. But it’s normally okay if it’s packed nicely and follows the guidelines.
  • Some worry if their pickleball paddles are too large or heavy for carry-on luggage. But most paddles are light and small enough for carry-on and checked bags. Always check with your airline for specific rules for pickleball paddles.
  • Many travelers need clarification about the guidelines for bringing sports items like pickleball paddles on planes. This can lead to not knowing if paddles can go in carry-ons or must be checked. Learning about TSA and airline guidelines can make you feel more sure of yourself.
  • People might fear their paddles might get broken or lost during travel. But by using protective covers and packing carefully, you could lessen the risk of harm and ensure your equipment arrives safely.


Can I bring my pickleball paddle on a plane?

There is no clear response on whether or not it is okay to bring Pickleball Paddle on a plane. I recommend you check in from the airport before bringing it in to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Are there rules for carrying pickleball paddles in my carry-on luggage?

While there aren’t specific rules for pickleball paddles, TSA regulations apply. If you are traveling in another country other than the US, check in with them and ask them if it is possible to keep the Pickleball Paddles as a carry-on.

Should I pack my pickleball paddle in my carry-on or checked baggage?

You can pack your paddle in either your carry-on or checked bags. However, it is better to consider length and weight regulations and see if you can have that item as a carry-on. Seek advice from airline guidelines.

How can I protect my pickleball paddle throughout travel?

You can protect your pickleball paddle by using a paddle cover or wrapping it in soft materials like towels. Additionally, securing it nicely for your luggage can prevent damage.

What should I do if TSA officers raise concerns about my pickleball paddle?

If TSA officials have concerns about your paddle, remain cooperative and follow their instructions. You can also refer to TSA’s official statements or contact them for clarification. But you must remember that you can’t negotiate with them. You must do whatever they say.


You can travel with your pickleball paddles on a plane, but there’s a 50-50 chance the security will allow you. 

To maximize your chances of getting approved to travel with a pickleball paddle, always check TSA guidelines and airline policies in advance, pack your paddle securely, and be ready to adapt if necessary. 

With a little preparation, you can enjoy your travels and confidently hit the courts wherever you go. Happy travels and happy pickleball playing!

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