Best Pickleball Shoes For Bunions

Bunions require a shoe with a wide toe box so that toes don’t get worsened due to friction. Whereas pickleball demands adequate traction and shock absorption when it comes to shoes. While dealing with this issue, spending 10 hours researching, we went through over 20 Best athletic shoes for bunions. Thanks to our orthopedic expert, who helps our pickleball players with bunions to perform well with the best pickleball shoes. Many did not perform as expected, but here is the list of Best pickleball shoes for bunions after many tries.

Best pickleball shoes for bunions

Upon looking at the list, you’ll find the Best tennis shoes for bunion feet and some volleyball shoes. In this guide, we will provide you with all the essential information to help you make the right choice. We’ll also cover topics like a spacious toe area and cushioning that absorbs shocks. So, let’s get started!

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Quick Pick 

If you don’t want to go through the details of the reviews we wrote after testing, here is a quick sneak peek of the top picks of pickleball shoes for bunions. 

ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes – Best Overall Men’s Pickleball Shoe for Bunions: Get comfort and support for bunions with ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes. They mold to your foot shape, ease pressure, and offer stability for lateral movements. But these aren’t for wide feet. 

Skechers Men’s Viper Pickleball Shoes – Best Cushioned Men’s Pickleball Shoes for Bunions: Try the Skechers Men’s Viper Pickleball Shoes with ULTRA FLIGHT cushioning for superior comfort. These are ideal for bunions and knee issues. However, the durability falls a bit short of expectations.

New Balance Men’s 806 V1 Tennis Shoe – Best Breathable Men’s Pickleball Shoe for Bunions: Notably, the ROLLBAR system inside the New Balance Men’s 806 V1 promotes proper foot alignment. With each step, you’ll notice a noticeable decrease in pressure on your bunions. But these aren’t for wide feet. 

K-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoe – Best Supportive Men’s Pickleball Shoe for Bunions: Designed to address toe-dragging concerns for players with bunions, these tennis shoes feature cutting-edge DURAWRAP technology. But these aren’t for outdoor extended-time use. 

FitVille Men‘s Wide Pickleball Shoes – Best Wide Men’s Pickleball Shoe for Bunions: Pickleball players with wide feet and bunions can find the perfect fit with FitVille Men’s Wide Pickleball Shoes. Although there might be some wear and tear over time, the performance and budget-friendly price make these shoes a great choice.

ADIDAS Women’s Asmc Barricade Boost Tennis Shoe – Best Overall Women’s Pickleball Shoes for Bunions: Designed with Boost technology, these shoes offer a smooth and comfortable fit, perfect for those with bunions. Though these are pricey, the wide toe box and exceptional cushioning system make them well worth it.

K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express 2 Tennis Shoe – Best Stable Women’s Pickleball Shoes for Bunions: The Hypercourt Express 2 is a perfect choice for those with bunions. These flexible and supportive shoes offer pain-free comfort with a structured fit for stability during quick movements. 

Prince T22 White/Silver Women’s Shoes – Best Durable Women’s Pickleball Shoes for Bunions: Looking for durable and comfortable pickleball shoes for bunions? Check out the Prince T22 Women’s Shoes. The PRC 1000 outsole ensures exceptional traction and has a six-month durability guarantee. 

ADIDAS Women’s Adizero Ubersonic 3 – Best Comfortable Women’s Pickleball Shoes for Bunions: To get superior comfort and support, these are the best picks.  Enjoy added stability with the adaptive 3D Torsion system and bunion arch support. However, be mindful of the shoe’s tongue wear after extended use. 

ADIDAS Women’s Crazyflight Bounce 3 Volleyball Shoe – Best Wide Toe-Box Women’s Pickleball Shoes for Bunions: We found relief for bunions with ADIDAS Women’s Crazyflight Bounce 3 Volleyball Shoe. Its wide-toe box, cushioning, and adjustable fit cater to your needs.

Best Pickleball Shoes For Bunions – Comparison Table





  • Top Pick
ASICS Men's Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes - Best Overall Men’s Pickleball Shoes For Flat Feet

ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 8

  • Shoe Type: Tennis shoe
  • Men/Women: Men
  • Best For: All-rounder pick for men
  • Top Pick
Skechers Men's Viper Pickleball Shoes - Best Cushioned Men’s Pickleball for Bunions

Skechers Men’s Viper

  • Shoe Type: Pickleball Shoes
  • Men/Women: Men
  • Best For: Well-cushioned
  • Top Pick
New Balance Men's FuelCell 996 V4 - Best for Overall Shoes for Support

New Balance Men’s 806 V1

  • Shoe Type: Tennis shoe
  • Men/Women: Both
  • Best For: Breathable and for plantar fasciitis
K-Swiss Men's Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoe - Best Supportive Men’s Pickleball Shoe for Bunions

K-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Express

  • Shoe Type: Tennis shoe
  • Men/Women: Men
  • Best For: Supportive fit for hammer toes
FitVille Men‘s Wide Pickleball Shoes - Best Wide Men’s Pickleball Shoe for Bunions

FitVille Men‘s court shoes

  • Shoe Type: Pickleball Shoes
  • Men/Women:Both
  • Best For: Wide feet and affordability

ADIDAS Women’s Asmc Barricade Boost

  • Shoe Type: Tennis shoe
  • Men/Women: Women
  • Best For: All-rounder pick for women
K-Swiss Women's Hypercourt Express 2 Tennis Shoe - Best Stable Women’s Pickleball Shoes for Bunions

K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express 2

  • Shoe Type: Tennis shoe
  • Men/Women: Women
  • Best For: Stability
Prince T22 Women's Shoes - Best Overall Women’s Pickleball Shoes For Flat Feet

Prince T22

  • Shoe Type: Tennis shoe
  • Men/Women: Women
  • Best For: Durability
ADIDAS Women's Adizero Ubersonic 3 - Best Comfortable Women’s Pickleball Shoes for Bunions

ADIDAS Women’s Adizero Ubersonic 3

  • Shoe Type: Tennis shoe
  • Men/Women: Both
  • Best For: Comfort and budget-friendly pick
ADIDAS Women's Crazyflight Bounce 3 Volleyball Shoe - Best Wide Toe-Box Women’s Pickleball Shoes for Bunions

ADIDAS Women’s Crazyflight Bounce 3

  • Shoe Type: Volleyball Shoe
  • Men/Women: Women
  • Best For: Wide toe-box and inexpensive pick

Best Men’s Pickleball Shoes for Bunions


ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes – Best Overall Men’s Pickleball Shoe for Bunions

When it comes to getting both comfort and support for bunions, our best pick for men is the ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes. The Flexion Fit is an impressive technology that makes the upper part of the shoe flexible. We liked this exclusive upper, which molds itself to the contours of your foot. You can expect a glove-like feel that accommodates bunions without adding any extra pressure or pain. Another noteworthy feature is the PGuard Toe Protector. As players with bunions experience extra pressure on the front of their feet, this feature relieves that.

The toe area is roomy and durable, so the price tag is worth it. Moreover, the DYNAWRAP Technology provides arch foot support and midfoot stability. During pickleball, you need to make lateral movements, enabling that without any slips. In terms of construction, the Gel-Resolution 8 features a synthetic mesh upper. Therefore, you get breathability as well. The rubber sole offers excellent traction on various court surfaces. However, it’s worth noting that these shoes require a break-in period. Initially, we felt that they rubbed against bunions, but that discomfort is temporary and goes away after three to four days of use.

Aside from that, they mold to the shape of your feet, providing a more comfortable fit without adding any bunion-related pain. Furthermore, the ASICS High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR Plus) outsole is strategically positioned to maximize durability. During testing, we also noticed that most ASICS shoes tend to run narrow. That’s why we don’t recommend this for wide feet. For wide feet, check out  FitVille Men‘s Wide Pickleball Shoes.

  • Comfortable and flexible upper.
  • Relieves extra pressure.
  • Breathable.
  • Durable.
  • It is expensive and runs narrow.
  • Requires break-in period.


Skechers Men’s Viper Pickleball Shoes – Best Cushioned Men’s Pickleball Shoe for Bunions

With the impressive features of the lightweight ULTRA FLIGHT cushioning, Skechers Men’s Viper Pickleball Shoes win in cushioning. These shoes are designed to provide exceptional relief and performance for players with bunions. The responsive cushioning system also minimizes the impact on your feet and joints. We recommend these for people dealing with knee issues as well. Moving onto their design, these come with a relaxed fit design and provide a roomy and supportive feel at the toe and forefoot.

Pickleball players with bunions will love the soft padded collar and tongue. To give superior airflow and a snug fit, Skechers have used a combination of the athletic mesh upper and lace-up front. But when it comes to durability, we expected more from the price, but they last for three months on outdoor pickleball courts. For players who prioritize cushioning and support, these are good picks. Lastly, another reason this is good for senior pickleball players with knee issues is the Arch Fit insole system. Based on numerous foot scans and two decades of research, the insole goes well with different foot conditions. If you find it too high, you can easily remove it and try custom insoles.

  • Cushioning for relief and performance.
  • Removable insole.
  • Relaxed fit design.
  • Suitable for different foot conditions.
  • Not durable and costly.
  • The insole might be too high for you.


New Balance Men’s 806 V1 Tennis Shoe – Best Breathable Men’s Pickleball Shoe for Bunions

What sets the New Balance 806 apart is its extraordinary breathability and support. You get a combination of C-CAP, ABZORB, and the exclusive ROLLBAR technology. Let us give you the benefits of all one by one for bunions. Using C-CAP increases comfort and decreases stress on the feet and joints. For cushioning and shock absorption, ABZORB is used, which does the job well. Furthermore, we found them to be a suitable pick for those seeking relief from both bunion discomfort and plantar fasciitis. The best thing is the ROLLBAR system inside the shoe that gives extra support and keeps your feet aligned. 

This is important for people with bunions because unalignment of feet can make their bunions worse. With each step, we could notice how it helped reduce the pressure on our bunions. We also liked the stylish and durable full-grain leather upper and the grippy outsole with herringbone pattern. It keeps sweating at bay thanks to the moisture-wicking LIGHTNING DRY technology. Overall, these are the best tennis shoes for bunions and plantar fasciitis. Remember that these aren’t for wider feet, and they take time to mold perfectly to your feet.

  • Breathable.
  • Good traction.
  • Moisture-wicking performance.
  • Suitable for both bunion discomfort and plantar fasciitis relief.
  • Not for wide feet.
  • Break-in time required.


K-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoe – Best Supportive Men’s Pickleball Shoe for Bunions

Excessive toe-dragging is a common concern for players with bunions as it limits stability. We found that The K-Swiss Hypercourt Express comes with the remarkable DURAWRAP technology for that. This cutting-edge technology provides the necessary support for players with bunions. Additionally, this feature acts as an additional defense against toe-dragging and enhances durability. Try these out if you need tennis shoes for hammer toes and pickleball.

Plus, it comes with an AOSTA 7.0 rubber compound for extraordinary durability from heel to toe. You can play intense pickleball matches indoors, but the durability doesn’t extend to outdoor pickleball courts with rough terrains. These shoes can endure rigorous indoor use for over six months. Aside from that, you get comfort and protection. 

At one glance, their design looks stylish, and we were impressed with their functionality. Thanks to the shoe’s DragGuard feature, you get a shield that keeps your shoe in top-notch shape, even during aggressive movements. Moreover, the K-Swiss EVA midsole makes the surface of the shoe well-cushioned. Lastly, the OrthoLite sock liner helps keep your feet cool and ensures breathability. These shoes combine both fashion and function seamlessly.

  • Suitable for bunions and hammer toes.
  • Well-cushioned EVA midsole. 
  • OrthoLite sock liner. 
  • Good traction. 
  • Limited durability for outdoors. 


FitVille Men‘s Wide Pickleball Shoes – Best Wide Men’s Pickleball Shoe for Bunions

Looking for two things in a shoe can be challenging, but FitVille Men’s Wide Pickleball Shoes is for individuals with wider feet and bunions. These affordable shoes come with fashionable mesh and ultra-soft microfiber upper. This combo lets air move around, keeping your feet clean and cool. And with the help of anti-odor technology, you’ll have a pleasant experience even during intense rallies. Talking about other materials used, the interior comprises honeycomb insoles and Ortholite material. With each step, you can feel the cushion and support your feet have. Its shock absorption is impressive as the honeycomb insole absorbs all shocks during dynamic movements.

Plus, they feature dual-density EVA outsoles and anti-torsion TPU rubber. These advanced materials further enhance agility on the pickleball court. With all of these, you get a non-slip design for all types of indoor and outdoor pickleball courts. We experienced slips after three months of use and saw that the outsole pattern dimmed out. But the performance and budget-friendly price tag make it worth it. Tailored specifically for individuals with wider feet, these shoes offer ample space for toe movement.

Even women can try these out for a wider fit. We loved how these did not suffocate our shoes or cause pressure on the bunions. Another small problem we learned while testing is that these don’t have built-in arch support. But don’t worry, FitVille has made the insoles removable, so you can take them out and put in your orthotics to get the support you need.

  • Good for wide feet.
  • Good airflow and anti-odor technology. 
  • Superior shock absorption. 
  • Removable insoles. 
  • Traction fades with the use.
  • Limited arch support. 

Best Women’s Pickleball Shoes for Bunions 


ADIDAS Women’s Asmc Barricade Boost Tennis Shoe – Best Overall Women’s Pickleball Shoes for Bunions 

For women, the best pick is the ADIDAS Women’s Asmc Barricade Boost Tennis Shoes due to their Boost technology. Thanks to this, people with bunions will love the fitting of the smooth and comfortable upper part. Also, with the rubber sole, you get excellent traction and stability during quick pickleball movements. During each step, you’ll find the comfort, cushioning, and grip ideal. In addition to that, ADIDAS has added a lightweight TPU foil in the upper to enhance durability.  Also, the redesigned Primeknit upper molds to your feet and accommodates any bunions-related concerns. The same TPU is used in the heel part to give players extra protection.

Inside the heel, BOOST cushioning technology is utilized for energy return and responsiveness. Furthermore, this provides extra support for lateral movements.

As long as you stick to reputable sources when purchasing, these will fit and last nicely. For the price, they seem to be expensive and aren’t long-lasting as compared to the price. That being said, the shoe’s wide toe box with fantastic support and cushioning system makes it worth the price. 

  • BOOST technology. 
  • Superior shock absorption.
  • Comfortable. 
  • Responsive. 
  • Expensive. 
  • It is hard to find an authentic model.


K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express 2 Tennis Shoe – Best Stable Women’s Pickleball Shoes for Bunions

The Hypercourt Express 2 flexible and supportive synthetic leather upper accommodates feet with bunions without causing any pain. It provides a structured fit that ensures stability during quick lateral movements. To provide support and comfort, it uses a molded Ortholite x40 sock liner. The liner alleviates pressure points and is suitable for individuals with bunions. We loved the textile collar lining that enhances comfort. But you may find this extra ankle support slightly higher than expected. Just wear full socks that cover the ankles, and it’ll wow you when it comes to performance. 

While testing, we found these are highly resistant to abrasion and provide amazing traction. This is due to the addition of Draggaurd and Aosta rubber in its construction. Additionally, it combines molded EVA and CMEVA midsoles to give both cushioning and shock absorption. Needless to say, its construction is perfect for players with bunions and joint issues. 

Moreover, it accommodates feet of all sizes and provides an adjustable fit with a lace closure system. We recommend using these indoors as the non-marking sole is ideal for indoor pickleball courts. Another reason why it’s suitable for bunions is its generous toe room. These shoes are designed to withstand the demands of pickleball and are durable.  A minor concern with the Hypercourt Express 2 is that the sizing may be inaccurate. We recommend trying on the shoes before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit.

  • Bunions-friendly.
  • Well-Cushioned.  
  • Durable.
  • Molded Ortholite x40 sock liner.
  • High ankle support.
  • Sizing inaccuracy.


Prince T22 Women’s Shoes – Best Durable Women’s Pickleball Shoes for Bunions

If you’re pessimistic that your bunions issue is meant to stay then investing in a durable pickleball shoe is a good choice. The Prince T22 tennis shoe stands out when it comes to durability without compromising comfort. Firstly, for comfort, they use synthetic flexible upper material to ensure natural foot movement. Furthermore, mesh panels are included to promote air circulation. Secondly, the PRC 1000 durable outsole compound provides exceptional surface traction. To enhance grip, it utilizes the herringbone tread pattern and allows freedom of movement without slips. Unlike other shoes, Prince offers a six-month outsole durability guarantee.

However, as it is durable with tough materials, these will feel heavier and clunky than your regular shoes. However, the benefits of durability and ample cushioning often outweigh this drawback.

Thirdly, for bunions, you can not ignore the toe box, and Prince T22 Women’s Shoes has a generous toe area. It is equipped with excellent cushioning to minimize the impact on your feet. These features work together and alleviate discomfort and pressure on sensitive areas. It’s hard to find a wide-toe box for women with wide feet, but this is the perfect choice for such individuals. As soon as you wear them, the break-in process is easy as they mold to your feet without blisters. 

  • Durable construction. 
  • Six-month outsole guarantee.
  • Generous toe area.
  • Easy break-in process. 
  • Heavier and clunkier compared to regular pickleball shoes.


ADIDAS Women’s Adizero Ubersonic 3 – Best Comfortable Women’s Pickleball Shoes for Bunions

The ADIDAS Women’s Adizero Ubersonic 3 has a net mesh upper and enhances comfort throughout pickleball rallies. We first tried the Uni-sex version, which was suitable for men and women with flat feet and bunions. This model is the same but with different fitting, so you get better sizing options. Regarding durability and protection, the Adizero Ubersonic 3 takes the crown with its abrasion-resistant Adituff toe. While making quick stops and fast movements, we felt extra confident with these on.

Your toes and the front of your feet will remain safe and secure throughout intense gameplay. However, the tongue wears out after extended use of only three months.

Aside from that, the lace-up closure system ensures a snug and customized fit. But the length of the laces is too long, and it’s hard to get them to be tight. Also, just like many other online fitting shoes, it’s recommended to order a 1/2 size smaller than usual to ensure the perfect fit. Additionally, these shoes also incorporate an adaptive 3D Torsion system that takes stability and support to new heights. Players with bunions will appreciate the additional arch support, which caters to their needs. This is a good pick for pickleball players with flat feet as well.

  • Comfortable upper.
  • Suitable for flat feet and bunions.
  • Superior stability and support.
  • Provides additional arch support.
  • Complicated sizing. 
  • Long laces and limited durability of tongue. 


ADIDAS Women’s Crazyflight Bounce 3 Volleyball Shoe – Best Wide Toe-Box Women’s Pickleball Shoes for Bunions

When looking for pickleball shoes for bunions, you need a wide-toe box with suitable cushioning. The ADIDAS Women’s Crazyflight Bounce 3 Volleyball Shoe offers these features. Its synthetic sole and adjustable lacing system ensure a snug fit. The regular fit caters to wider toe boxes, providing ample room for bunions without compromising overall support. Additionally, the mesh upper with lightweight molded TPU yarns enhances breathability. Although it’s a volleyball shoe, the performance of pickleball is impressive. You get traction for lateral movements in pickleball due to the grippy rubber outsole.

The traction is also for outdoor use, but they can not withstand rough outdoor conditions. It uses textile lining in shoe material, which makes them affordable and feel good on the feet. Furthermore, the outer toe area comes with comfortable cushioning on the inside. We felt relief from bunion-related discomfort while wearing these shoes.

Lastly, there is a common concern with their sizing. To achieve the perfect fit, we had to get the shoe half a size down. Although this may be inconvenient, this way, you get optimal comfort and performance on the pickleball court.

  • Budget-friendly. 
  • Roomy and cushioned toe box.
  • Breathable mesh upper.
  • Supportive fit.
  • Sizing is off.
  • Not durable for outdoors.

Understanding Pickleball Shoes for Bunions 

People of all ages play pickleball, which is why it’s getting popular. As easy as it is, Bunions can be hard to deal with. This bony bump near the big toe requires extra care and shoes with wide space. Let us help you in choosing bunions pickleball shoes that offer comfort and support for players with bunions. 

What are bunions? 

Before we dive into the specifics of selecting the perfect pair of pickleball shoes for bunions, let’s understand what bunions are. In simple terms, a bunion is a bony bump that forms at the base of the big toe. This grown toe deviates towards the other toe, which results in pain, swelling, and discomfort. They can happen due to chaos reasons like genetics, accidents, or poorly fitted shoes.

Key Factors To Consider in Pickleball Shoes For Bunions

Wide Toe Box Space:

The first thing to check is the toe box, as that’s where your bunions issue arises. A generous and roomy toe box is essential for the comfort of your bunion. Look for shoes with enough space for your toes to spread out naturally. Also, once you wear them, the surface of the upper part of the shoe must keep your toes protected. 

Midsole stability: 

Bunion-afflicted feet require additional support to maintain proper alignment during fast-paced pickleball matches. A supportive midsole alleviates the pressure on the bunion area and enhances overall foot comfort. Proper arch support helps distribute body weight evenly and reduces pressure on the bunion.

Lightweight and Breathable:

Although pickleball is an easy sport, it demands swift movements for prolonged periods. Therefore, choose shoes made from lightweight and breathable materials like mesh or synthetic fabrics. This way, you can prevent extra moisture that may irritate bunions. 

Adjustable Closure System:

To get stability, get pickleball shoes with an adjustable and secure closure system. We look for laces, straps, or a combination to get a snug fit. Furthermore, the secure fitting will ensure your feet do not move around within the shoe. 

Flexible Outsole:

The outsole of your pickleball shoes should strike a balance between grip and flexibility. We look for a flexible outsole that allows natural foot movement. Also, the traction aspect is necessary for getting adequate grip during quick changes in direction on the pickleball court.

Cushioning System:

Lastly, see if the cushioning is well constructed with technologies or materials. Feeling impact on feet during pickleball might worsen the bunion’s condition. The cushioning technology provides shock absorption, which lessens the impact on bunions. From our testing, we found amazing shock-absorbing pickleball shoes for bunions. 

Pickleball Players’ Guide to Dealing with Bunions

Here are some tips from us, these helped us deal with the discomfort of bunions while playing pickleball. Firstly, consult a podiatrist for professional advice and treatment options. If the professional allows you to play light sports like pickleball, buy shoes and follow this guide. These tips also work for tennis and other related sports. Here’s how you can take additional measures to alleviate the pain of bunions: 

Understand the importance of fitting:

As given above, the right size of shoes matters. Most cases of bunions develop due to inadequate or tight fitting of shoes. Close-fitted shoes aren’t recommended for bunions or people more prone to bunions. Avoid shoes that are too tight or loose, as they can worsen bunion pain. Measure your feet before buying pickleball shoes, and consider getting fitted at a specialty store for the best fit. Most of the models given above either run narrow or wide. This is why Always try on pickleball shoes before buying them. Or make sure you change your size to get the best fit. 

Use Orthotic Inserts or toe spacers:

Pickleball players who have other issues like flat feet along with bunions will require inserts. Consider using orthotic inserts or custom-made ones to provide extra support and cushioning for your feet. Also, for the case of hammer toes, we recommend using toe spacers. Or try out orthotics designed for bunions to maintain proper toe alignment.

Warm-ups and stretches: 

By doing gentle stretches, you can minimize the chances of getting bunions. If you’re already dealing with them, the good old trick of applying ice and resting is best. Instead of playing pickleball with your hundred percent, try giving thirty percent and allowing your feet to rest. This helps in loosening the foot muscles and reducing stress on the bunions.

Pickleball Players' Guide to Dealing with Bunions


Do shoes make a difference when it comes to bunions?

Bunion-correcting shoes are helpful when you wear them, just like glasses that improve your vision. But, once you remove the shoes, the benefits they provide will disappear. Although these shoes can ease the pain and pressure on your toe joint caused by bunions, they cannot completely solve the underlying problem. 

Can I play pickleball if I have bunions?

Yes, having bunions doesn’t mean you have to give up your love for pickleball. Consult a specialist to get suitable inserts. Or by choosing suitable pickleball shoes that cater to bunions and following proper foot care, you can continue enjoying the sport. 

Are pickleball players prone to develop bunions?

Bunions can develop due to various factors, for pickleball players, making lateral movements while wearing close-fitted shoes can cause bunions.

Can pickleball shoes prevent bunions from forming?

Pickleball shoes cannot prevent bunions from forming, especially if you have a genetic predisposition. However, well-designed shoes with ample room for the toes and proper support can help stop existing bunions from worsening.

Final Words

We hope this guide helped you find the best pickleball shoes for bunions. Do not forget to allow your feet to rest for the best recovery of bunions. By choosing from our list, you can play pickleball comfortably and manage bunion discomfort effectively. Whether you’re a man or woman, these carefully selected shoes provide comfort, support, and durability. That being said, here are our favorite picks: 

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